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Al Pellet is the main antagonist of the 1985 film Summer Rental. Al Pellet is a local sailing champion.

He was portrayed by the late Richard Crenna.


He first appears where Jack Chester and his family are waiting to be seated at the restaurant and are next. When Al shows up and is immediately seated before him, him and the rest of his table order the lobsters, which turn out to be the last ones and what Jack and his family were waiting for. This upsets Jack who tries to take the food from Al, which angers him.

Later when Jack and his son are on the boat they accidentally crash into Al's boat after both believe they had the right of way. Al's boat bears some damage, and he declares he will have revenge against Jack.

Finally, Jack shows up at his landlord's funeral to discover Al, is the new landlord, who threatens to kick him out of his vacation house. However, Jack challenges him to a sail constant, in which he wins he gets to live in the vacation house for free. Jack ends up defeating Al, shocking him.


Al Pellet is shown to be a deliberately selfish person, taking all the Lobster from a resturant and leaving none for the other customers. He's also rather arrogant towards Jack. Although he was shown to be nice to his wife, friends and his crew, it was just Jack who he hated. While attending the funeral for the fallen landlord, he did not really seem that upset (nor was he thrilled to be fair), and in fact, even closed the casket so he could sign the papers on top of the casket in becoming the new landlord.

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