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Al Sura is a supporting character in season five of the FX TV show Justified. He is a member of a Canadian crime syndicate to which Sammy Tonin owes $1, 000, 000. He was portrayed by Will Sasso.


In the episode "A Murder of Crowes", Ethan Picker shoots and kills new Detroit Mafia leader Sammy Tonin. When Boyd Crowder asks him why, he reveals that Sura and Scott Fenton, members of a Canadian crime syndicate, threatened to kill him unless he assassinated Sammy, who owed them $1, 000, 000. Boyd goes to interrogate Sura, but ends up making arrangements for a heroin shipment with him instead.

In "Over the Mountain", US marshal Art Mullen detains Sura to interrogate him about the murder of Nick Augustine, as he suspects Sammy was involved and Sura might have found out something from him. Sura reveals that Sammy told him a Kentucky lawman was present, causing him to suspect that Jerry Barkley was involved.

In "Shot All to Hell", Tonin family consigliere Elias Marcos stops Sura's car and tells him that he knows he talked to the marshals. Sura tells him what he said, before Marcos executes him for his involvement in Sammy's assassination, as per his orders by Sammy's father Theo.

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