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During the King of the Hill episode "Ho Yeah!", Strickland hires Tammy Duvall, a suggestively-dressed but affable woman. Over time, it is revealed that her employer from Oklahoma City Alabaster Jones is searching for her.

Although alluded to several times throughout the episode with her pager, one-hour visits with "suitors", and getup, Tammy is revealed to be a prostitute when Hank is addressed by the arrival of Alabaster Jones. Tammy left the job in a desire to live a cleaner life but fell back into old habits as the pay she received from Strickland Propane was not enough to allow her to get a place of her own outside the Hills' house. The pimp from the OKC approaches Hank and demands that Tammy be returned to his "stable" on the threat of making Hank her replacement. Once the truth is revealed, Peggy, who had been helping Tammy to get her GED, is horrified, thinking Tammy as only being manipulative.

On the car ride back to Rainey Street, Tammy proves that she wants to do better to Peggy by revealing that she read more of Congo, the novel Peggy assigned for her GED practice. Just as they begin to reconcile, Alabaster tries to strike and force Hank, Peggy, and Tammy off the road in his car, losing a golden hubcap in the process. After Hank fails to entrap Alabaster at a red light, Hank steers into the alley and confronts Alabaster. Handing the pimp the money Tammy gave Hank as repayment for living space isn't enough to satisfy Alabaster. Hank then tells the pimp off, proclaiming himself as the "mack daddy of Heimlich County" and telling him to get the hell out. Alabaster complies and releases Tammy from his control, stating that he has more waiting for him back in OKC.

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