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Oh, if its your friends you're looking for, you're welcome to place a bid for my newest Zanuka prototype.
~ Alad V taunting the Tenno.
I took a disease and turned it into a life-altering gift. Someday you may learn to appreciate what I'm giving this system. Until then, all you can do is rage against the inevitable.
~ Alad V under the influence of the Infestation.
I know, I know. Our past has been slightly... what, combative, hm? But, genocidal invaders from the other system, hmm, make strange bedfellows, wouldn't you say?
~ Alad V explaining his aiding the Tenno.

Alad V is a major antagonist and occasional ally in the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

He is a Corpus entrepreneur and supervisor of the Gas Cities floating in Jupiter's atmosphere. He used to be a member of the Corpus Board of Directors and the head of Grineer Relations, until his Zanuka Project sparked a war with the Grineer that ended in utter disaster and a massive waste of resources for the Corpus.

With the rest of the Board turning against him, Alad V was forced to use the Infested he had been experimenting on as weapons against them. This resulted in him being exposed to and falling under its influence, becoming obsessed with unifying the Origin System in a "Mutalist Empire". Though he eventually managed to free himself of it and rejoin the Corpus via a mutually beneficial deal with the Tenno.

During an attempt to rebuild his capital and influence within the Corpus, Alad was tricked into forging an alliance with the Sentients. He is now trying to find a way out of this alliance without losing his head.

He serves as the main antagonist of the Patient Zero quest, as well as the Arid Fear, Hunt for Alad V, Suspicious Shipments, Breeding Grounds, Mutalist Incursions and Hostile Mergers events and the overarching antagonist of the first Nightwave series. Despite the numerous problems he caused, he also appears as a supporting character in the Second Dream quest and the Sling-Stone, Tubemen of Regor and Shadow Debt events. Depending on player choice, he either had an antagonistic or supporting role in the Gravidus Dilemma event.

He is voiced by Kol Cosbie, who also voices Captain Vor and General Sargas Ruk.


Alad V wears a blue, metallic suit similar to that of Nef Anyo, but significantly more practical and resembling a labcoat, fitting for his constant need to experiment on everything he gets his hands on. He also wears a helmet-like contraption on the back of his head that lowers a visor onto his eyes and connects to a small piece of machinery on his neck. This machinery is contains a magnet of sorts that keeps a circular disk on his shoulders that he uses to control his robotics. The front of this disk slides open so he can take it on and off whenever he pleases.

Like the other Corpus, Alad V has black tattoos on his face, his being two thin lines running down from underneath his eyes all the way to the bottom of his face.




Grineer Relations


While Alad V himself didn't appear in the event, the Lotus intercepted one of his transmissions to the Corpus Board, telling them that the Grineer have discovered that they had been stockpiling their products. The Grineer Queens demanded that they either lower their prices, angered that the Corpus had tightened their contracts despite ample supply, or witness their stockpiles be destroyed by their new Fomorian-class battleships. Alad mocked the Grineer in his report and claimed the threat a simple bluff, suggesting that the Board raise the prices instead and laugh in the Grineer's faces when the non-existant ships don't arrive.

Luckily for Alad V, the Lotus decided that a victory for the Grineer would've given them far too great of an advantage and resulted in a system-wide resource shortage, so she sent the Tenno to sabotage the Fomorian ships from within. With their trump card destroyed the Grineer were forced back to the bargaining table. Alad V sent another message to the Board, informing them that "Sling-Stone was a success". The Tenno had done their work for them and all he had to do was dangle a small reward in front of their noses. However, he wisely decided to be cautious regarding the destruction of the Fomorian fleet and dispatched some scouts in case the Grineer held some Fomorians in reserve.

Arid Fear

As news of Lotus's discovery of vital Corpus intel detailing the coordinates of Grineer settlements, the Corpus found themselves forced to protect these coordinates from being stolen by her Tenno. Begrudgingly, Alad V suggested to the Board that they should hide their scouts and navigators within the Void, a realm where logic and the laws of physics cease to apply. It brings a considerable risk of being corrupted, losing your mind and becoming a slave to the ancient Orokin towers still active and floating within, however he believed this same risk also applies to the Tenno if they manage to find a way in.

While the Board did give the all-clear for Alad V's plan, it was not enough. The Tenno hunted down the scouts, assembled the scattered coordinate data and thus gained access to the Grineer settlements hidden on Mars. The Corpus' failure to protect the settlements irritated Captain Vor, who noted in his report to the Queens that he didn't understand why the Corpus thought the Void was dangerous to the Tenno when they are so clearly connected to it.

The Gravidus Dilemma

When Alad V discovered a hidden cache of Tenno in cryosleep and intended to use them for the development of his Zanuka Project, General Sargas Ruk became outraged as this was a violation of a contract between Grineer and Corpus regarding the weaponization of Warframe technology. The General gave Alad an ultimatum: hand over the Tenno or be crushed by his fleet. While the Corpus Board was reluctant in angering the Grineer, Alad V was adamant that the partnership with the Grineer was nothing but a farce. Ruk promptly declared Alad's territory Grineer property, invading Corpus space and enslaving the local population.

Taking notice of the developing situation, the Lotus turned to her Tenno and faced them with a difficult choice. Either side could win the war and only the Tenno can tip the scales to either side's favor, however the presence of the sleeping Tenno made the situation complicated. If they support the Grineer they can save their fellow Tenno, but this would allow the empire to considerably grow in strength. Supporting the Corpus prevents this, but this would result in losing the cryopods to Alad's experiments. The Lotus couldn't in good conscience force either option onto the Tenno, so she let them decide for themselves who to support.

When fighting for the Corpus, Alad V tries to appeal to the Tenno that supporting him is the only logical choice, as the Grineer are too powerful and arrogant to be allowed victory and that nobody wants to be a slave. He also assures them that he will "take good care" of their friends. The overwhelming majority of Tenno prioritized saving their own and supported Sargas Ruk, while the Corpus Board eventually grew tired of funding a pointless effort, withdrawing their own support and forcing Alad V to retreat.

The Hunt for Alad V

Despite the utter failure and embarrassment that the Gravidus Dilemma was for Alad V, he nontheless managed to secure some of the Warframes for his Zanuka Project. A new robotic proxy manufactured from Warframe components, the deadliest and most agile product the Corpus had ever developed. Alad V knew that his life was on the line, as Zanuka's failure would mean he would be unable to repay the debt he had accumulated because of Gravidus. He relocated his development laboratories to Jupiter and sent the Zanuka Hunters, cheaper variants of his coveted Zanuka, to capture more Warframes for production.

Unfortunately for Alad, fellow Board member Frohd Bek had other plans. Fearing that Zanuka's success could threaten his candidacy as the next Chairman of the Corpus Board, Bek sent out ships to Jupiter to dispose of Alad V and his proxies. In his desperation, Alad unleashed the Infestation he had been experimenting with against Frohd's ship. With his fleet overrun by grotesque monstrosities, Bek turned to the Lotus and offered a mutually beneficial transaction. If her Tenno clear out the Infestation from his ships, he will give them the location of Alad V so they may take their revenge.

The Lotus didn't trust him, but she trusted his hatred and the opportunity to stop the Zanuka Project and prevent more Warframes from being dissected was too valuable to ignore. So she agreed to his terms and tasked the Tenno with exterminating the Infested aboard Frohd's ships. After their work was done, Bek upheld his end of the bargain and transmitted Alad's location to all Tenno, asking them to do him a favor and not show any mercy. On the Gas City raid on Jupiter, Alad V used one of the finished Zanuka proxies as a bodyguard, but to no avail. The Tenno cut down Zanuka and took their revenge on him, seemingly killing him.

The Mutalist Empire

Suspicious Shipments

Unbeknownst to all, Alad V had survived the Tenno's retaliation for the Zanuka Project. He continued his illegal experiments on the Infestation in secret, hoping to make a breakthrough that would turn the Board back in his favor. The Tenno discovered these experiments and Alad's survival when they investigated heavily armored Corpus vessels travelling outside of usual shipping routes. Alad remained calm however, confident that the Tenno won't have the time to find all of his ships before he can unveil his new business venture to the Origin System.

Breeding Grounds

Unfortunately for the Origin System, Alad's prediction proved correct. His experiments had created a new Mutalist strain of the Infestation, capable of assimilating and twisting non-organic machinery such as the Corpus' robot proxies into virulent monstrosities. These new developments also created hives, concentrated clusters of biomass that allow the Infestation to direct its spread and consume entire ships at unprecedented speeds. And due to his constant experimentation, it had only been a matter of time until Alad himself was exposed and succumbed to its influence, driving him even further into insanity and removing any shred of restraint he may have had.

The Lotus was sent into immediate alarm and ordered all Tenno operatives to contain this new outbreak at Eris, entering the fallen Corpus vessels and destroying the hives being priority number one. She feared that if these hives were allowed to nurture, the entire Origin System would be overrun within days. At first Alad panicked when the Tenno destroyed his precious hives, but when the dust settled he came to thank them. Sure, most of his hives were gone and their growth kept under control, but the Tenno had left him with the strongest specimen for further evolution. The Mutalist threat was not over just yet.

Mutalist Incursions

After a long silence, Alad V finally revealed himself in a transmission to the entire Origin System, announcing the grand formation of the Mutalist Empire and launching a full-scale invasion. His experiments had caused even newer monstrosities such as Boilers and Brood Mothers to emerge, who are mutated to the point that it has become completely impossible to tell what they used to be prior to being Infested.

The Tenno had to strategically assault Alad V's forces across the system, no place was safe from the plague he unleashed. The combined strength of the Tenno was enough to halt the swarms, slowly dwindling down their numbers but the damage Alad V had done was irreversible. Eris was already lost, but contained. Now there was no more telling where the Infestation could break out. But even with the larger system-wide outbreak stopped, Alad V had to be dealt with and his laboratories destroyed before he could create any more havoc.

Patient Zero

While the Tenno were busy fighting off the Mutalist Empire, the Lotus discovered a Corpus vessel that may have valuable intel on Alad V's location. The Corpus had been trying to track down Alad for months now, his attacks having been nearly as devastating as Grineer Councilor Vay Hek's attack with his Fomorian fleet. One squad of Tenno was dispatched to infiltrate one of these former vessels and retrieve whatever info they can from its datavaults. What they found filled Lotus with worry: Alad had gotten his hands on another Warframe. The Tenno are immune to the Infestation, but so had been machines. If Alad V could give it the ability to infest robots, perhaps he could also eventually develop a strain capable of assimilating Warframes. Such a development would spell doom for all life in the Origin System.

With the help of the intel from the Corpus vessel, Lotus was able to narrow down Alad's location to a cluster of infested ships. These were his breeding grounds. Three signals were required to triangulate his whereabouts, so the Tenno had to raid three ships. Alad took quick notice of this and taunted the Tenno. The Infestation had completely taken hold of his mind, as he now believed himself far above mere profit and claimed what he was doing was the best for the system. Finally, the Tenno found Alad's laboratory ship. After destroying the reactor, Alad sent out the fruits of his labor to attack: a Mesa Warframe wearing the same kind of collar that Alad always is. Lotus noted that this was not a Tenno, but an empty husk puppeteered by Infested flesh.

The Tenno put the Warframe out of its misery and escaped the exploding lab. Without it, Alad couldn't continue his research, but given time he could just make a new one. This had to end now. His location revealed, they were face to face with Mutalist Alad V. He put up far more of a fight than last time, attacking the Tenno himself rather than just sending a minion after them. He was even able to take control of one of the squad's Tenno by attaching his collar on them, just like he did with Mesa, though doing so also left him vulnerable. With Alad defeated and his swarms reduced to controllable numbers, the Mutalist Empire was finally brought to an end.

Alad and the Tenno

Tubemen of Regor

Against all odds, Alad once again managed to survive his own assassination. This time however, the beating he had received came with a benevolent side-effect: clarity. Ever so briefly, Alad V's consciousness was seperated from the Infested hive mind, allowing him to realise the truth of his situation. He mustered up all the willpower he had at his disposal and suppressed the voices from his mind, but it was only a matter of time until they could worm they way back inside his brain. He needed to act fast, he needed to expunge the Infestation from his body completely otherwise he'll be right back at square one.

Since the Grineer reproduce by cloning themselves over and over again, each new Grineer bred is unstable and prone to clone rot. In his laboratories underneath the oceans of Uranus, brilliant Grineer geneticist Tyl Regor is relentlessly searching for a cure for their degenerating tissue. If anyone could have the data necessary to develop a cure to Alad's condition, it was him. But he knew he couldn't do it alone. He needed help to break into the labs, so he was forced to turn to the Tenno for aid. He offered a deal: if the Tenno agreed to bring him the data he needs, he would reveal the location of Tyl Regor's facilities to them and even pay them for it. Corpus rival Nef Anyo caught wind of this and intervened, offering the Tenno an alternative proposition to disregard Alad's pleas and would pay them to destroy the labs outright instead, not wanting Alad to make a recovery.

The Lotus decided to leave the decision of who the lesser evil is to the Tenno. Alad V had done terrible things to the Tenno and Nef Anyo is just as untrustworthy, but the opportunity to sabotage Tyl Regor's research is too valuable to pass up. In the end, the majority of Tenno sided with Alad and brought him enough data to successfully purge the Infestation from his body. Even Alad was surprised at this turn of events, having expected the Tenno to still hold a grudge after everything he's done. And yet, they still aided him. "Truly, the Tenno are saints", Alad said. Or perhaps they had an ulterior motive, like he would. Nevertheless, he threw in a bonus payment to thank them for their support.

The Second Dream

After curing himself of the Infestation, Alad V discovered that perhaps it wasn't the best time to sever his connection with the Tenno just yet. Tyl Regor's excavations of the ancient tombs in the caves of Uranus unearthed something ancient and evil: Hunhow, the leader of the Sentient forces that waged a genocidal war against the Orokin. An individual so feared that the Corpus considered him to be their boogeyman. And despite having been defeated and broken into thousands of pieces, he was still alive. Finally awakened from his long slumber, Hunhow planned to finish what he started and wipe the Tenno from the Origin System.

Alad V recognized that should Hunhow succeed in destroying the Tenno, nothing could stop him from exterminating all other intelligent life, including Alad himself. He sent a message to the Lotus, offering his aid in exchange for a favor, though unfortunately these were intercepted by Regor's forces on Uranus. Thankfully, Lotus sent some her Tenno to infiltrate the Grineer archives in hopes of finding any intel that could help in their fight against Hunhow, who had allied himself with the Stalker to strike at the hidden heart of their mutual enemy.

Shadow Debt

An Unwanted Partnership

Hostile Mergers
The Wolf


Of course, the Lotus sends the mute peasants to disrupt my business. So please, come closer. Let me introduce my latest line of robotics, hybridized with Warframe components. Zanuka! KILL!
~ Alad V to the Tenno in the "Profit" trailer.
So, the Betrayers are fighting for the dogs now? Why am I not surprised. The sooner my Zanuka Project is completed, the better. The system must be ridden of your hypocrisy.
~ Alad V when supporting the Grineer during the Gravidus Dilemma.
Tenno, you know, we may not always see eye to eye... well, you don't have eyes but I'm pleased we've found common ground in our fight with these Grineer dogs.
~ Alad V when supported during the Gravidus Dilemma.
Oh have you come to make a donation to my newest enterprise? Excellent! Please report to my lab for reconstruction!
~ Alad V taunting the Tenno during his Assassination mission.
Tenno! Tenno! There's an entire Grineer battalion here to rescue you! Your friends must really appreciate your support! Wait, no, I'm mistaken. You're alone with no weapons, and no friends. Silly me.
~ Alad V taunting a Tenno after his Zanuka captured them.
Recent events have led me to diversify my business. Biotics are such an underappreciated sector. The Corpus Board wants nothing to do with them. I disagree. I think they are the future. Your future Tenno.
~ Alad V commenting on the Tenno finding a container filled with Infested on one of his ships.
Hello inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new, heh, empire! An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer, and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you! A glorious new you, baptized by Mutalist flesh. You've called this a disease? Heh, an Infestation? Well, I call it unity! One army under me! Welcome to your new species!
~ An infested Alad V announcing the formation of the Mutalist Empire to the Origin System.
Profit?! Profit is only a means to an end. I have evolved. I no longer need profit. I have found a purer form of growth.
~ Alad V uncharacteristically dismissing profit, showing the extent of the Infestation's grip on his mind.
Ah Tenno, I admit I've made mistakes, terrible mistakes that have left me crippled with decay. Now I ask you for your... mercy. Tyl Regor's hidden cloning labs hold secrets, secrets that could prove most regenerative for- for me. If- If I get you into the labs, will you bring me the data I need? What do you say? Will you give a sick man one more chance?
~ Alad V having pulled together enough strength to resist the Infestation, begging the Tenno for mercy.
You must be asking, 'Alad, what's in this for you?' It's simple really; I scratch your metal back, and you scratch mine. All the credits in the system aren't worth half as much as a Tenno owing you a favor.
~ Alad V's ulterior motive for aiding the Tenno in the Second Dream quest.
Hah! They don't know the truth either, do they? How sweet. The Betrayers get what they deserve; hm, lies from their omnipotent mother.
~ Alad V amused that the Lotus is hiding something from her Tenno.
Bad news, Tenno. The Stalker has found others as twisted as himself. He calls them his Acolytes and he's sent them after me! Shh! I have to be very quiet, they cloak! They could be hiding anywhere! Even listening to this! I'm calling in my favor, yes. Break into Corpus and Grineer installations and steal their security data. With enough data, I can determine their cloaking patterns, and turn the tables on these Betrayers.
~ Alad V calling in his favor earned in the Second Dream.
As you can see, Betrayer, I've made a deal with an even higher power! Ah, but when it comes to this turgid monster, there is some liquidity in my loyalty...
~ Alad V helping the Tenno destroy the Ropalolyst watching his every move.



  • Alad V's name is pronounced "Alad Vee" and not "Alad the Fifth" like one would initially assume.
  • Alad V's nickname within the Warframe community is "Salad V", following a common tradition in the community to give various items and characters food-related punny nicknames.