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Oh, if its your friends you're looking for, you're welcome to place a bid for my newest Zanuka prototype.
~ Alad V taunting the Tenno.
I took a disease and turned it into a life-altering gift. Someday you may learn to appreciate what I'm giving this system. Until then, all you can do is rage against the inevitable.
~ Alad V under the influence of the Infestation.
I know, I know. Our past has been slightly... what, combative, hm? But, genocidal invaders from the other system, hmm, make strange bedfellows, wouldn't you say?
~ Alad V explaining his aiding the Tenno.

Alad V is a major antagonist and occasional ally in the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

He is a Corpus entrepreneur and supervisor of the Gas Cities floating in Jupiter's atmosphere. He used to be a member of the Corpus Board of Directors and the head of Grineer Relations, until his Zanuka Project sparked a war with the Grineer that ended in utter disaster and a massive waste of resources for the Corpus.

With the rest of the Board turning against him, Alad V was forced to use the Infested he had been experimenting on as weapons against them. This resulted in him being exposed to and falling under its influence, becoming obsessed with unifying the Origin System in a "Mutalist Empire". Though he eventually managed to free himself of it and rejoin the Corpus via a mutually beneficial deal with the Tenno.

During an attempt to rebuild his capital and influence within the Corpus, Alad was tricked into forging an alliance with the Sentients. He is now trying to find a way out of this alliance without losing his head.

He serves as the primary antagonist of the Patient Zero quest, as well as the Arid Fear, Hunt for Alad V, Suspicious Shipments, Breeding Grounds, Mutalist Incursions and Hostile Mergers events and the overarching antagonist of the first Nightwave series. Despite the numerous problems he caused, he also appears as a supporting character in the Second Dream quest and the Sling-Stone, Tubemen of Regor and Shadow Debt events. Depending on player choice, he either had an antagonistic or supporting role in the Gravidus Dilemma event.

He is voiced by Kol Cosbie, who also voices Captain Vor and General Sargas Ruk.


Alad V wears a blue, metallic suit similar to that of Nef Anyo, but significantly more practical and resembling a labcoat, fitting for his constant need to experiment on everything he gets his hands on. He also wears a helmet-like contraption on the back of his head that lowers a visor onto his eyes and connects to a small piece of machinery on his neck. This machinery is contains a magnet of sorts that keeps a circular disk on his shoulders that he uses to control his robotics. The front of this disk slides open so he can take it on and off whenever he pleases.

Like the other Corpus, Alad V has black tattoos on his face, his being two thin running down from underneath his eyes all the way to the bottom of his face.




Grineer Relations


While Alad V himself didn't appear in the event, the Lotus intercepted one of his transmissions to the Corpus Board, telling them that the Grineer have discovered that they had been stockpiling their products. The Grineer Queens demanded that they either lower their prices, angered that the Corpus had tightened their contracts despite ample supply, or witness their stockpiles be destroyed by their new Fomorian-class battleships. Alad mocked the Grineer in his report and claimed the threat a simple bluff, suggesting that the Board raise the prices instead and laugh in the Grineer's faces when the non-existant ships don't arrive.

Luckily for Alad V, the Lotus decided that a victory for the Grineer would've given them far too great of an advantage and resulted in a system-wide resource shortage, so she sent the Tenno to sabotage the Fomorian ships from within. With their trump card destroyed the Grineer were forced back to the bargaining table. Alad V sent another message to the Board, informing them that "Sling-Stone was a success". The Tenno had done their work for them and all he had to do was dangle a small reward in front of their noses. However, he wisely decided to be cautious regarding the destruction of the Fomorian fleet and dispatched some scouts in case the Grineer held some Fomorians in reserve.

Arid Fear
The Gravidus Dilemma

The Zanuka Project

The Hunt for Alad V

The Mutalist Empire

Suspicious Shipments
Breeding Grounds
Mutalist Incursions
Patient Zero

Alad and the Tenno

Tubemen of Regor
The Second Dream
Shadow Debt

An Unwanted Partnership

Hostile Mergers
The Wolf


Of course, the Lotus sends the mute peasants to disrupt my business. So please, come closer. Let me introduce my latest line of robotics, hybridized with Warframe components. Zanuka! KILL!
~ Alad V to the Tenno in the "Profit" trailer.
So, the Betrayers are fighting for the dogs now? Why am I not surprised. The sooner my Zanuka Project is completed, the better. The system must be ridden of your hypocrisy.
~ Alad V when supporting the Grineer during the Gravidus Dilemma.
Tenno, you know, we may not always see eye to eye... well, you don't have eyes but I'm pleased we've found common ground in our fight with these Grineer dogs.
~ Alad V when supported during the Gravidus Dilemma.
Oh have you come to make a donation to my newest enterprise? Excellent! Please report to my lab for reconstruction!
~ Alad V taunting the Tenno during his Assassination mission.
Tenno! Tenno! There's an entire Grineer battalion here to rescue you! Your friends must really appreciate your support! Wait, no, I'm mistaken. You're alone with no weapons, and no friends. Silly me.
~ Alad V taunting a Tenno after his Zanuka captured them.
Recent events have led me to diversify my business. Biotics are such an underappreciated sector. The Corpus Board wants nothing to do with them. I disagree. I think they are the future. Your future Tenno.
~ Alad V commenting on the Tenno finding a container filled with Infested on one of his ships.
Hello inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new, heh, empire! An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer, and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you! A glorious new you, baptized by Mutalist flesh. You've called this a disease? Heh, an Infestation? Well, I call it unity! One army under me! Welcome to your new species!
~ An infested Alad V announcing the formation of the Mutalist Empire to the Origin System.
Profit?! Profit is only a means to an end. I have evolved. I no longer need profit. I have found a purer form of growth.
~ Alad V uncharacteristically dismissing profit, showing the extent of the Infestation's grip on his mind.
Ah Tenno, I admit I've made mistakes, terrible mistakes that have left me crippled with decay. Now I ask you for your... mercy. Tyl Regor's hidden cloning labs hold secrets, secrets that could prove most regenerative for- for me. If- If I get you into the labs, will you bring me the data I need? What do you say? Will you give a sick man one more chance?
~ Alad V having pulled together enough strength to resist the Infestation, begging the Tenno for mercy.
You must be asking, 'Alad, what's in this for you?' It's simple really; I scratch your metal back, and you scratch mine. All the credits in the system aren't worth half as much as a Tenno owing you a favor.
~ Alad V's ulterior motive for aiding the Tenno in the Second Dream quest.
Hah! They don't know the truth either, do they? How sweet. The Betrayers get what they deserve; hm, lies from their omnipotent mother.
~ Alad V amused that the Lotus is hiding something from her Tenno.
Bad news, Tenno. The Stalker has found others as twisted as himself. He calls them his Acolytes and he's sent them after me! Shh! I have to be very quiet, they cloak! They could be hiding anywhere! Even listening to this! I'm calling in my favor, yes. Break into Corpus and Grineer installations and steal their security data. With enough data, I can determine their cloaking patterns, and turn the tables on these Betrayers.
~ Alad V calling in his favor earned in the Second Dream.
As you can see, Betrayer, I've made a deal with an even higher power! Ah, but when it comes to this turgid monster, there is some liquidity in my loyalty...
~ Alad V helping the Tenno destroy the Ropalolyst watching his every move.



  • Alad V's name is pronounced "Alad Vee" and not "Alad the Fifth" like one would initially assume.
  • Alad V's nickname within the Warframe community is "Salad V", following a common tradition in the community to give various items and characters food-related punny nicknames.


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