Alakazam is the main protagonist of the Japanese film Alakazam the Great. He is a young, brave monkey who is encouraged by other monkeys to become king. When he does, he becomes rude and dictatorial (especially to his lover Dee Dee) and denies the greatness of human beings being more than that of monkeys. He then tricks and forces Merlin to teach him magic. Due to arrogance, Alakazam abuses his powers and fights with King Amo. He loses and is imprisoned in a cave for some of his sentence. For the rest, he is sent onto a pilgrimage, while on the way, he is forced to wear some kind of unremovable headband to learn humility, mercy, fighting with wisdom, and patience. During the pilgrimage, he becomes better and even turns into a hero, especially as he convinces a pig named Sir Quigley and a cannibal named Lulipopo to join his pilgrimage. He then later convinces Lulipopo to let go of a remorseful Fester (who had been working for King Gruesome, who had falsely promised him a reward for spying and taking away Alakazam's magic). It is after the pilgrimage is over that his headband is removed.