Alamein is the anti-villainous main antagonist of the 2010 New Zealand comedy-drama film Boy, written and directed by Taika Waititi.

He was portrayed by Taika Waititi himself.


Alamein is the abusive, egotistical, and neglectful absent father to Boy and Rocky, not being there for his two sons, particularly absent from Boy's life in particular, being absent from his birth that sadly resulted in his mother's death, leaving both Boy and Rocky to be raised by their aunt Gracey because Alamein was imprisoned for his crimes. Boy believed Alamein to be a better man than he truly is: a cruel and selfish monster who does not care about his sons, and Boy believed that, when Alamein returned, he'd take him to a Michael Jackson concert, which was untrue. Alamein is the leader of a "motorcycle gang" called the Crazy Horses, really just consisting of him and his two friends. Alamein also buried money somewhere near Boy and Rocky's home, and Boy and Rocky undug the money. Unfortunately, for the two boys, their pet goat Leaf ate the money, leading to Alamein curiously looking for his treasure: the money. Also, when driving back home at night from a brawl between the Crazy Horses and a rival gang with his friends and his sons, Alamein got into a fight with one of his mates which led to Alamein accidentally turning Boy's and Rocky's pet goat Leaf into roadkill, and Boy ran out to the now deceased Leaf after Alamein stopped the car, which persuaded him to force his son back into the car. Boy would then later confess that it was Leaf who ate Alamein's money, which had torn Alamein's relationship with his sons for a temporary while. Eventually, at Boy and Rocky's deceased mother's grave, the two boys had buried the hatchet with Alamein, and Alamein eventually forgave them for such an incident.


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