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Alan is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the ITV British soap opera Coronation Street, appearing only as a minor antagonist in 2021.

He was portrayed by Gareth Kane.


Alan is a guest at the Chariot Square Hotel who appears to be very rich and money-grubbing. It soon turns out that he is a sleazy pervert who seems to take habit of luring underage girls for sex.

This is proven when he encounters Kelly Neelan at the hotel; Kelly is a young teenager who had recently been exonerated from prison for the attack of resident Nina Lucas and the murder of her boyfriend Seb Franklin, the crime of which had in reality been committed by Kelly's former friend Corey Brent. Since then, however, Kelly has been publicly ostricized by nearly everybody in Coronation Street for her unwilling involvement behind Seb's death and she has become homeless. It was then Kelly found the hotel and, despite not having enough money, wanted to charge her phone there. A receptionist came to confront her over her suspicions, but then Alan appeared and - seeing Kelly as a vulnerable target for his perversions - claimed that she was his daughter.

With the ruse having been bought off, Kelly thanked Alan and he invited her over for dinner. They talked and Kelly even confined to Alan about her recent struggles, including the fact she and her mother Laura are estranged whilst her father Rick has gone "missing" - though Kelly does not know the fact that Rick, a notorious loan shark, had actually been murdered by his former employee Gary Windass. Soon enough, however, Kelly started to notice Alan's sleazy ways and initially left the hotel when he invited her over to his room. But after failing to find anywhere else to say, Kelly was forced to return to the hotel and accept Alan's "invitation".

Thereafter Alan prepared to have sex with Kelly, but later saw her attempting to flee with his wallet and confronted her about it. Alan threatened to call the police when Kelly confronts him over his sleazy behaviour, before revealing that she is underage and that the police would like do Alan in for sexual abuse. Alan promptly went after Kelly, but she fought him off and managed to escape from his grasp.


  • He only appeared in the two-parted episode dated 17th November 2021.