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Alan is a monster who lives with Daisy Brown. Not much is known about his past or how he was created, but we do know that he was created by Daisy's father and was left as an infant in Daisy's kitchen. Alan is a very mean monster. He likes to threaten, attack, and abuse his enemies. Sometimes he uses offensive words or names to upset people.



Daisy found Alan in a kitchen one day after her father went missing. She then kept him and made blogs about him. He was an infant when Daisy found him. She then made her first video about Alan and how he's fed. Daist kept making update videos on Alan until she made a video about her cat named "Strawberry". Alan then killed Strawberry somehow. This was revealed in a video named "Q&A with Alan". Alan then started to grow more and more until he started to show human-like legs. This is when Alan started threatening Daisy and calling her a "cunt". Daisy then discovers a second monster in her house named "Lithop". Daisy tries to hide Lithop away from Alan but fails to do so. Alan then continued to threaten Daisy.


Alan met his demise after Daisy grabbed a VHS Tape. Alan then tried to stop her by saying, "What do you need that for!?". Daisy then tells Alan to get out of her way, but he stays and talks to Lithop as a "Three Eyed Thing.". He pins Daisy to a wall, but is interrupted by Lithop and yells at her to shut up, accidentally freeing Daisy in the process. Daisy then punches Alan in the face. Alan then begs for Daisy to stop, but Daisy ignores Alan and crushes his head, killing him instantly.


  • Alan was named after Alan from the infamous Alantutorial web series.
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