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I must have given you the nine... which was upside down. That is my bad.
~ Alan to Conrad.

Alan is a supporting antagonist in the Netflix original movie Game Over, Man!. He is a terrorist who assists Mr. Ahmad in his takeover of the hotel.

He was portrayed by Roe Hartrampf.


Alan is first seen in the film arriving at the hotel back entrance and pretends to be a hotel security guard.

After the terrorist takes over the hotel and Bey refuses to give the passcode to his account, Conrad orders Alan to use an extra breach sensor as a collar for the Bey's dog, Lil Puma. While Conrad tries to kill the dog to break the Bey for the codes, the collar ends up killing a hostage, which Alan accidentally hands Conrad the wrong numbered collar, given him the nine collar instead of a six collar.

After the boys killed most of Ahmad's mercenaries and Erma returns, Mr. Ahmad and Alan heads to the helicopter to escape. While waiting, Alan tries to tell Ahmad that he flew the type of helicopter they are in, to which Ahmad demanded him to fly the helicopter due to him killing the pilot.

Before they could take off, the boys arrived with the money, while Alan was confused about the boys having their pockets inside out. Wanting to buy the Bey back, the boys put him inside another bag. Ahmad shots the Bey in the stomach and leaves with the money. However, as he opens the bag to check the money, it reveals the bag was filled with the sensor collars, exploding the helicopter, killing both Ahmad and Alan.


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