Dr. Alan Grant
Dr. Alan Grant was an antagonist in the film American Mary.

He was portrayed by David Lovgren.


He was a professor at a medical school in which he had a student named Mary Mason. She was one of his best students, but she was sometimes she was late or had on her cellphone which annoyed him. He was also attracted to her and wrongfully assumed she was a hooker due to the money she was suddenly getting.

He had her invited to a party that other surgeons where attending. At the party he slipped her a drug which made her docile enough so he could rape her. Shortly after, she had a friend who owns a strip club who was also a minor crime lord, kidnap Dr. Grant. While he was tied up, Mary taunted him by telling him it was a mistake to rape her and she got her money from Body-modification and that she dropped from medical school. She told him what was in store for him, which was to give him a complete body-modification procedure which included tongue-splitting, implants, genital modification, and amputation of his arms and legs, as well as stitch his mouth shut.

She kept him in some warehouse where she further experimented on him. A security guard found them, attempted to save the Doctor, but Mary killed him. Mary then killed Dr. Grant and the strip-club's head enforcer helped her dispose of the bodies. The enforcer then told her to never devalue what she does to people like Dr. Grant and wished she was around to punish someone that did him wrong years ago.

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