X-Men Vol 2 108
Don't give up on your dream, Nathan.. or on humanity.. we're a young species, we make mistakes but give us time.. we may surprise you.. yet..
~ Robert Kelly's redeeming words (after Alan Lewis fatally wounded him)

Alan Lewis was a minor antagonist in the X-Men series yet had one of the greatest roles in the series, despite appearing for only a brief period of time - he has the dubious honor of being the man who assassinated Robert Kelly and effectively damaged human/mutant relationships further as a result.

Alan Lewis was a young anti-mutant activist who attended a college rally where Robert Kelly was about to address the crowds, as Robert Kelly's speech began to turn into a pro-mutant plea on the importance of tolerance and the dangers of blind hatred Lewis grew angry at Kelly for "betraying" his own race.

Thus as Robert Kelly continued his speech Alan pulled out a pistol and despite efforts by both security and Cable managed to shoot Kelly - mortally wounding the senator as security wrestled Lewis to the floor.

Kelly, dying from his injuries, begged Cable not to hurt Lewis and stated it was partly his own fault for stirring up hatred in the first place - he also asked Cable not to lose faith in humanity, that some day they could learn to accept one another - as Kelly died in Cable's arms it was safe to assume Lewis was taken away to be tried for his crime.

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