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Alan Morton

Alan Morton, also known as "AlanShad", was the brother of Obed Morton as well as the son of Howard Morton and Lucy Morton. He is the primary antagonist in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Even as a young child, Alan had the gift of talking with the shadow creatures, which his grandfather considered disturbing. Alan estranged himself from his family, due to his obsession with the Creatures of Darkness and their World of Darkness where they dwell. In Alan's notebook, he claims that the rest of his family are scared of the creatures of the dark.

He was experimenting on corpses in his secret laboratory beneath the chapel in the swamp on Shadow Island. He escaped from the lab when Edward Carnby enters. Later Alan was confronted by Edward, Aline, and Edenshaw when he tried to open the portal to the World of Darkness, but he knocked Edenshaw and he entered the portal. Edward and Aline found in the World of Darkness, but Alan's brother, Obed, grabbed him and jumped with him in a pit, making an undead out of Alan. Alan attacked Edward when he tried to find a sculpture of an Indian head. Edward killed Alan with an Indian spear.

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