Alana Gonzalez

Alana Gonzalez is a villainess in "Above Suspicion", the 2nd episode of Law & Order: SVU's 14th season.

She was portrayed by Courtney Reed.

Alana Gonzalez is a police officer who was later revealed as a villainous conspirator in Bart Ganzel's attempt to kill Brian Cassidy, an undercover cop. Alana was having an affair with her sergeant, who was also in league with Ganzel, who arranged to have criminals attempt to steal Cassidy's car as part of the set-up. She was informed by her sergeant that Cassidy was armed and dangerous, and she would receive a promotion if she "took him down." After arriving at the scene, the evil Alana fired two shots at Cassidy's chest, even after Cassidy stated that he was an undercover officer.

Alana's villainous role was revealed after she was confronted by Rollins and Amaro while she was with her sister, with Alana claiming that she didn't know that Cassidy (who survived the shooting) was an undercover officer. Alana was later arrested (off-screen) for her role in the conspiracy to kill Cassidy.

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