Alana Leon

Alana Leon is the main villainess from "The Fighter," episode 5.13 of Matlock.

She was played by Wanda De Jesus.

Alana Leon is the wife of boxer Billy Leon, but during their three-year marriage, Alana had an affair with Billy's sparring partner, Tom Kirby. Sports reporter Nick Underwood found out about Alana's affair and confronted her about it during a cocktail party. Alana feared that Billy finding out about the affair would lead to a divorce, which would cost her the lavish lifestyle she was living.

With that, Alana called Nick and asked him to meet her at her hotel room. After Nick arrived, the evil Alana shot and killed him, and to cover up her crime, the villainess switched her chair with one from another room. Alana wiped her prints clean and placed a newspaper in front of Nick's body--making it appear that Nick was killed in his room instead of hers. Alana had also used Billy's gun to commit the murder, which led to Billy being suspected.

As Matlock pointed out during Alana's testimony, the color from the chair in Alana's room faded due to the object being exposed to sunlight, but Nick's chair did not, which is what gave Alana away as Nick's killer. Following the trial, Alana was arrested (off-screen) for killing Nick Underwood.