Alaric is a character in Heroes of Might and Magic V add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. He is also an antagonist in these games.


Alaric was the priest of Flammschrein who got promoted to Archbishop when Saint Isabel made the Red Church. Being very loyal to the queen, Alaric began his inquisition with Freyda and Laszlo. He was the one removing doubt from Freyda's mind, though with more and more killing of peasants (who were accused of threatening Isabel's queenship), Freyda abandoned them when Laszlo attacked dwarves at Tor Hrall. Laszlo continued to serve the queen, bringing Andrei to her.

Afterwards, Alaric managed to slay Quroq, the orcs' chieftain. When he came to report this to the queen, Arantir freed Isabel's soul and the false queen, Biara, lost her illusion. This caused Alaric to go mad and run away. Eventually, he clashed with Gotai and was offered a honorable death. Mistaking Khengi to be a demon, Alaric killed the goblin. Gotai called upon his forces and killed Alaric for this murderous act, ending his inquisition.

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