An unnamed commanding officer. known as the Alaskan Base Officer, is a minor antagonist in Heavy Object, and is also one of the nastiest foes the heroes face.


He is a psychotic and cruel soldier who gets enjoyment out of killing. He viewed the giant robots called Objects as being superior to humans and plans out cruel and savage ways of executing his enemies, whom he calls "savages".


At the start of the series, the officer started a battle with a Legitimacy Kingdom base in Alaska. Showing ignorance towards their white flag, the officer ordered his troops and his Object Prometheus, also called the "Water Strider" to attack the forces stationed there, leading to a huge deal of casualties.

Later when Qwenthur and Havia were caught sneaking around the base, he planned for their execution by the object’s guns while also intending to interrogate Millinda with hypnosis and electrodes, planning to hang her afterwards to the object’s guns until she freezes to death to serve as a warning to his enemies.

Following the destruction of the Water Strider and Frolaytia and her men invading his base, the officer refused to surrender, and he, along with his men, attempted to shoot the fleeing group of Qwenthur, Havia, and Millinda moments before the officer was shot dead by Frolaytia.

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