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The church knows all kinds of things. But don't worry. We also know how to be discreet, especially for our members.
~ Alastair to A-Train.

Alastair Adana is a supporting antagonist in the second season of the black comedy Amazon TV series The Boys. He is the charismatic and shadowy leader of the Church of the Collective.

He was portrayed by Goran Visnjic, who also played Soto in Ice Age and Garcia Flynn in Timeless.


Almost nothing is known about Alastair's background other than his grandfather being the original founder and leader of the church, revealing that Alastair had ties with the church ever since he was born. During his time as the leader of the church, he successfully created a large network of contacts by recruiting many influential figures with potential from around the world that can join or gain high-profile political, social, economic, and influential groups and accessing the information on them and having contacts within the National Congress, along with Vought International and the Supe Community.

After The Deep was recruited by Eagle the Archer, Alastair provides intel to one of the members, Carol Mannheim, about the whereabouts of the Supe-Terrorist, giving Deep the opportunity to become a hero once again. Alastair also seems too eager to repair Deep's reputation and get him back into The Seven to further the church's influence.

After the Deep marries Cassandra, Alastair makes Deep a spokesman for the church and having him star in a commercial where he talks about how much the church changed his life, with Alastair making an appearance at the end of the commercial.

While on the movie set of "Dawn of the Seven", The Deep approaches and recruits A-Train as a member of the Church of the Collective. He is then having lunch with The Deep and Alastair Adana at the renewal center. Alastair asks them both about their thoughts, to which Deep reveals that he thought A-Train was jealous of him and wanting to drown him for the longest time but also admits he doesn't want to feel that way anymore. A-train starts to freak out and tries to leave but stops once Alastair reveals that he knows about A-train being kicked out of The Seven, his heart condition, and his abuse of Compound V. He also tells him that Shockwave will be the next A-Train and calls him "Just another nobody from the South Side of Chicago. Alastair then offers to help A-Train get back into The Seven but he must let Deep tell him his truths.

After A-Train becomes a full member of the Church of the Collective and attends the leader's birthday party, Alastair arrives and tells that Eagle the Archer is a traitor. A-Train asks why he is a traitor, Alastair explains that he refused to comply with the program, leaving him even more suspicious about the religious group.

At the church, he has a meeting with Stan Edgar discussing getting both The Deep and A-Train into The Seven. While Stan agrees with The Deep returning but not A-Train due to Stormfront's racist beliefs, who revealed to have been listening to the conversation. After Stormfront's defeat, The Deep and A-Train met with Alastair in his office. He mentions that A-Train stole files of Stormfront and leak them to the media and praises him. He also tells him that he's back in The Seven, with The Deep being angry and leaves the church. Later, Alastair talks to Congresswoman Victoria Neuman on the phone and congratulates her on the creation of the Office of Supe Affairs. Neuman thanks him for the information that was used to bring down Stormfront, as she knows this came from the Church. Adana then suggests he might be willing to give up the Church's information to bring down at least a dozen more Supes, if Neuman expedites the Church's tax-exempt status. Neuman seemingly agrees to his terms and he ends the the phone call. After the call, as Alastair about to drink a Fesca, his head explodes, reveals that Victoria is the one responsible for the head explosions.


Alastair quicks with a smile and acts benevolent, promising to disgraced celebrities to regain their reputation but it's a thin veneer for the manipulative, power-hungry cult leader he is. The moment people stop dancing to his tune, he resorts to blackmail them or relasing private and sensitive informations about them.

He's not lacking in confidence, thanks to having enough influence to get Stan Edgar to sit at his table to discuss matters. He takes it further with his offer to Victoria about bringing Vought down with intel on Supes that he possesses, if she expedites the Church's tax-exempt status. This ultimately becomes his downfall, leading to his death at Neuman's hands.

He really loves Fresca, which he seems to force on the rest of his church members, and looks quite offended when Stan Edgar and the Deep express their disliking for Fresca.


  • Alastair is most likely a parody of a real-life cult leader David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology, which known for blackmailing celebrities into joining his church by threatening them of releasing sensitive private information and promises of career comebacks.


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