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Villain Overview

♪ Let's begin...♪
♪ I'm gonna make you wish that I'd stayed gone! ♪
Tune on in... ♪
♪ When I'm done…your status quo will know its race is run! ♪
Oh, this will be FUN!
~ Alastor threatening to end Vox's reign at the end of "Stayed Gone".
Just because you see a smile, don't think you know what's going on underneath. A smile is a valuable tool, my dear. It inspires your friends, keeps your enemies guessing, and ensures no matter what comes your way, you're the one in control.
~ Alastor explaining why he's always smiling to Charlie.
♪ This place reeks of death, there's a chill in the air. ♪
♪ And I barely escaped, being killed by a hair. ♪
♪ "Great Alastor, altruist, died for his friends"? ♪
♪ Sorry to disappoint... That is NOT where this ends! ♪
♪ I'm hungry for freedom like never before! ♪
♪ The constraints of my deal surely have a back door... ♪
♪ Once I figure out how to unclip my wings... ♪
Guess who will be pulling all the STRIIIIIIINGS?!
~ Alastor having a mental breakdown after nearly being killed by Adam, while planning to get out of his deal with whoever owns his soul, thus foreshadowing his true intentions.

Alastor, also known by his title The Radio Demon, is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Angel Dust) of the adult animated musical series Hazbin Hotel. He is the archenemy of Vox, the boss of Husk and Niffty, and the arch-rival of Charlie's father, Lucifer Morningstar.

A former serial killer in life, Alastor is one of Hell's Overlords, widely feared for his extraordinary power and sadistic sense of humor. After mysteriously disappearing seven years ago, Alastor returns to help Charlie in her efforts of redeeming sinners and sending them to Heaven, although he doesn't believe in the cause and is simply there for his amusement; however, it's later revealed Alastor is using the Hazbin Hotel as a way of achieving freedom from the unknown entity that owns his soul and achieve his own goals.

He was voiced by Edward Bosco in his normal voice (who also voices Striker in Helluva Boss) and by Gabriel C. Brown in his singing voice in the pilot, and is voiced by Amir Talai in the series proper (who also voices Tom Trench in the same series).

Quick Answers

What is Alastor's role in Hazbin Hotel? toggle section
Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, plays a complex role in Hazbin Hotel. He is a cunning and manipulative character who, despite his sadistic nature, is willing to help and defend the hotel. However, his assistance often comes with a catch, as he tends to act out of self-interest. For example, he offers deals to Vaggie and Charlie that benefit him. Alastor is also known for his charismatic showmanship and love for attention. Despite his darker tendencies, he does show a friendlier side to certain characters, hinting at a more layered personality.
Provided by: Fandom
Why is Alastor referred to as the Radio Demon? toggle section
Alastor is referred to as the 'Radio Demon' because of his unique way of showcasing his power and chaos for all sinners in hell to witness, much like a radio broadcast. This nickname also stems from his past life, where he was a radio talk show host during the early 20th century. Despite his terrifying reputation, Alastor is known to be quite charming, often using old-timey phrases and manners. However, don't be fooled by his charisma; he's a force to be reckoned with in the underworld of Hazbin Hotel!
Provided by: Fandom
How does Alastor threaten to end Vox's reign? toggle section
Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, doesn't shy away from a good showdown. When it comes to Vox, he's no different. Alastor threatens to end Vox's reign by overpowering him in a musical face-off, 'Stayed Gone'. He shuts down Vox's signal, taking over the broadcast to show himself on all the screens. Alastor's old-fashioned manners and tone, along with his dislike for modern technology, make this victory even more impressive. Despite his lack of desire for power, Alastor isn't afraid to step up and challenge those who cross his path in Hazbin Hotel.
Provided by: Fandom


Alastor is a rather tall, slim and beige-skinned dapper demon who is usually seen with a broad smile full of sharp, yellow teeth inside. He is at around the same height as his rival, Vox, with the two standing at approximately 7 feet.

His hair is a pinkish-red which is styled into a cropped, angled bob cut with black ends, an undercut on the back, and small black antlers protruding from the crown. Atop of his head are a pair of large, black-tipped hair tufts which evokes the ears of a dear.

His eyes have red sclera with brighter-colored irises and slit-like pupils, and with his upper-eyelids being dark red with the color extending to his eyebrows, mimicking eyeshadow. His forearms and lower legs fade to dark grey, and he also has red hoofed-toes and red fingers.

Alastor wears a red pin-striped coat with a darker high collar and long sleeves with brighter-colored cuffs, and white-trimmed darker-red lapels and the hem being slightly ragged. In addition, he also accessorizes with a knotted black bowtie with a bright red center on the upper-front. Under his coat, he wears a rather long, untucked bright red dress-shirt with a black cross on the chest.

He also wore black dress pants with cuffs matching his coat, red pointed-toed dress shoes with red deer hoofprints emblazoned on the soles, black gloves with red at the fingertips, and a small, oval-shaped, black-rimmed red monocle which he wore over his right eye.

Alastor also carries a thin cane with a sentient vintage style microphone attached to it, which he uses to play sound effects and broadcast his voice.

When in his full demon form, Alastor's body grows larger and limbs become longer, his neck gains extra joints, and his horns grow in size. His sclera turn black with his pupils turn into the shape of radio dials. His suit and ends of his mouth also gain stitches along them.


Many have speculated what unimaginable force enabled him to rival our world's most ancient and destructive evils. But one thing's for sure: He's an unpredictable source of danger, a wicked spirit of mystery, and a violent monster of chaos, the likes of which we can't risk getting involved with unless we want to end up erased!
~ Vaggie explaining Alastor to Angel Dust in the pilot.

Alastor behaves friendly and nice, but he is clearly callous, sadistic, vile, ruthless and extremely violent, but otherwise his behavior, mannerisms, and even his voice are similar to an old-fashioned radio announcer; for instance, when he refers to modern television as a "picture show" and refers to Charlie as "a charming demon belle". Vaggie describes him as "a violent monster of chaos", which is why he is dangerous.

Alastor likes to showcase his power and carnage for every sinner in hell to witness, hence his title the "Radio Demon". However, he is also fully aware that there are other demons and entities that rival him in terms of power and isn't reckless.

Despite being extremely powerful, he tends to get bored and lack inspiration. He seeks entertainment which he still gets out of watching the suffering of others. But to achieve that, he is willing to have (or feign) a charming, supportive and kind attitude. He is always seen smiling and is creepily cheerful and upbeat all of the time, as he believes that it shows power and dominance over others. If a rival were to frown, he would see them as weak.

Alastor dismisses the idea that redemption is possible. Nevertheless, he still provides the hotel with a staff, and protects Charlie's business from outside threats. However, he does very little to mask his true nature and how evil he really is, even stating that, if he wanted to harm anyone in the hotel, he would've done that already. In addition, his help is for his own personal amusement rather than Charlie's idealism, or at least so he claims. He has also expressed a desire to see sinners struggle in attempts to repent for their misdeeds, only for them to repeatedly fail miserably.

Alastor is asexual and aromantic, as seen with him being thrown off and bluntly rejecting Angel Dust's offer of sex twice. Due to having died in the 1930s and not being interested on keeping up with recent times, he is not even aware of this and believes he just hasn't found the right woman yet, with Rosie's "ace in the hole" pun flying over his head. Despite this, he isn't above slapping people on the ass just to anger them for his own amusement, as he did with Vaggie.

He is known to be a gourmet, and as such, refuses to eat processed foods like canned meat, Easy-Mac, or ketchup. His favorite food is venison. The prequel comic shows that civilians are terrified of him; passersby avoid him when he appears, and visibly nervous merchants give him what he wants without commenting. His only true friends during this time are a pack of bird-like demons who are also cannibals. The story shows he does have some decency, rescuing a lamb-demon from being killed - and possibly raped - by a butcher. The comic also suggests he is disgusted by Vox, possibly because he sees television as difficult competition for radio. He is also confirmed to have loved his mother dearly when he was alive, something he mentions to the Hotel Staff by saying how she used to show him how to cook.

In the series itself, Alastor shows to be sadistic, very cunning, and manipulative. While he is willing to help the Hazbin Hotel and use his power to defend it, he often acts with self-interest in mind, such as offering deals to Vaggie and Charlie for his own benefit (with Vaggie to promise that he won't have to deal with television again, and with Charlie for a single favor at a time of his choosing). Despite this, he is also willing to protect the Hotel, such as slaughtering a number of loan sharks who pursued Mimzy there. He even told Mimzy, a close friend of his, to leave for knowingly bringing trouble to the Hotel, telling her not to return unless she was genuinely interested in redemption. Even if it's for his own ends, Alastor is willing to fight to protect the Hazbin Hotel, even facing Adam during their battle against the Exorcists.

Despite his sadistic nature, Alastor does express a warmer and friendlier side towards a few others. He is good friends with Mimzy, having known her since they were both alive and even hugging her upon meeting again. He also gets along well with fellow Overlord, Rosie, with the latter even stating that Alastor has never done her wrong before. The night before the Exorcist attack, Alastor even seemed to warm up to the hotel residents and enjoyed the celebration with them.

Following the battle against the Exorcists however, for the very first time, Alastor is seen visibly shaken and panicking after narrowly avoiding death at the hands of Adam. The thought of dying in a "heroic sacrifice" greatly unsettled him, causing Alastor to pivot his priorities to finding a way out of his deal and be free from whoever is controlling him.



Well, you probably heard the stories. He appeared in Hell suddenly, making a splash quicker than anyone had ever seen. At first, people wanted to dismiss him. but soon, Overlords started going missing, and not small ones neither. We're talking heavy hitters. No one knew what happened to 'em, until these strange radio broadcasts started going out. All you could hear were screams. Every time an Overlord went missing, there'd be a new voice screaming in the broadcast! That's when Alastor revealed himself as the radio demon, and anyone that would mess with him… *chuckles* well, let's just say, his broadcasts never lacked new voices.
~ Mimzy telling Husk and Angel how Alastor became the Radio Demon.

Alastor was born around the early 1890's to the early 1900's. Alastor had been mentioned to be a "mama's boy" and loved his mother dearly. He was also close to a woman named Mimzy who died around the same time; Mimzy's soul was also damned, and still occasionally associates with him, usually when she offends another powerful demon and needs money or protection.

When Alastor reached adulthood, he became a cannibalistic serial killer and radio talk show host around the time radio first became popular, likely early 20th century. The circumstances of his death have varied, as he was originally said to have been accidentally shot by a deer-hunter when burying the body of one of his victims, explaining his little antlers and the X on his forehead in his demon form, but given this was said before the release of the official series, it is implied to be outdated. Another source has stated he died in a dog-related incident.

When Alastor appeared in Hell, he possessed unimaginable power, stronger than that of any mortal before him. It was unknown what exactly led him to such strength. He wreaked havoc and committed atrocities only to broadcast them so that everyone could witness them. Eventually, despite only being in Hell a short time, he overthrew several Overlords who had ruled for centuries, assuming their territories and positions and becoming very powerful among the aristocracy of Hell. According to Mimzy, Alastor captured, imprisoned, and tortured these Overlords, broadcasting their screams over the airwaves, their ultimate fates remaining unknown.

As an Overlord, Alastor has enacted many Faustian contracts with many sinner demons, gaining possession of their souls and their servitude. Known victims of these contracts include Husk (a former Overlord who lost his soul and his title in a card game) and Niffty. Alastor lost his own soul to an unknown entity via such a contract; simply mentioning this (as Husk did once) caused him to fly into rage and threaten a horrific and brutal death upon Husk (very out-of-character for Alastor) should he ever mention it again.

Alastor: ♪ And here's the sugar on the cream. ♪

He asked ME to join his team! ♪
Alastor: ♪ I said "no", and now he's pissy, THAT'S the tea! ♪

~ Alastor explaining how he turned down Vox’s offer of joining the Vees.

For years on end, Alastor had a great rivalry with Vox, a TV-based Overlord whose soul was damned to Hell a few decades after Alastor's. According to Vox's partner Valentino, the two had a fight where Alastor "almost beat" Vox. The cause of this mutual hatred is that Vox invited Alastor into "his team", presumably The Vees, and then got enraged when the Radio Demon rejected the offer; additionally, a photograph in the Season 1 finale implies the two were partners before their falling-out. For unknown reasons, Alastor has mysteriously disappeared seven years before the events of the series, causing rumors he was killed by Exorcists during an Extermination. The specifics of why and how he disappeared from Hell are unknown, but it created a power vacuum that allowed the Vees to become more powerful and influential in Hell.

Hazbin Hotel[]

Pilot Episode[]

After watching Charlie's promotion of her hotel from a bar, and liking what he saw with a passion, he showed up at the hotel stating he wanted to help her out. He doesn't think it's possible to redeem demons, but he is bored and wants to watch the chaos of them trying to reform and repeatedly failing unfold. He then summoned two other demons - Niffty and Husk - so the hotel has more staff and gives her tips on how to improve.

When Sir Pentious arrives to attack the hotel staff, Alastor uses his powers to flawlessly defeat him and destroy his ship. The group then head on back to the hotel with Alastor changing the sign name from Happy Hotel to Hazbin Hotel.

Full Series[]

One week later, Alastor has made a purposefully-bad TV commercial for the hotel out of spite for having to tangle with TV, which he despises. In a later conversation with Vaggie, they make a deal where Alastor makes an actually good commercial in exchange for never doing anything TV-related ever again. At the end of the episode, everyone in Hell, including Alastor, finds out the next Extermination will happen in six months rather than one year.

Some time afterwards, Sir Pentious attacks yet again, with Alastor not even remembering who he is, despite the fact that they've fought numerous times according to Pentious. Once again, Alastor effortlessly defeats Pentious and destroys his ship, and then sends the snake-sinner flying once he tears off a small chunk of his coat. While returning from the tailor that fixed his coat, Alastor notices that Vox, who's just found out about his return, is running a TV broadcast where he denounces Alastor as a past-his-prime nobody that should be ignored. In the song "Stayed Gone", Alastor interrupts Vox with his radio broadcast and the two verbally fight, with Vox causing a Hell-wide blackout out of anger when Alastor reveals why Vox hates him. Alastor then ends the song by claiming "[he's] gonna make [Vox] wish that [he] stayed gone" and Hell's status quo is soon to change.

When Alastor returns to the hotel, he finds out Pentious is apparently remorseful and wants to give redemption a shot: he's seemingly apathetic, but taunts Pentious by burning the piece of coat he managed to tear off, knowing it must've meant a lot to the sinner. It's ultimately revealed that Pentious was Vox's spy, but then genuinely redeems himself once Vox refuses to help him. Alastor mocks Vox for giving the hotel its first real client.

Soon afterwards, the Hotel's staff decides that, for Pentious' redemption to be genuine, he must lose all of his villainous equipment, including the Egg Bois, his loyal minions. Vaggie tasks Alastor with taking care of them and he complies, although is angry he cannot kill them. He decides to go on a walk with them, where he encounters Zestial, a centuries-old Overlord who is feared just as much as the Radio Demon himself. The two go to an Overlord meeting together, with Alastor ordering the Egg Bois to watch the door: however, one catches the elevator to the meeting room on accident.

The meeting is interrupted by Velvette, a social media-focused Overlord that works with Vox and came to the meeting for him. She reveals that an Exorcist was killed in the last Extermination, something that shocks everyone present due to the belief angels are unkillable. She tries to goad the other Overlords into war, but Zestial refuses due to there not being enough information about the dead angel, with the other Overlords agreeing with him. Velvette eventually deduces that the leader of the Overlords, Carmilla Carmine, knows something about the Exorcist's death. When the meeting ends, Alastor tasks the Egg Boi that took part in the meeting to follow Carmilla and Zestial: when he returns, he confirms that Carmilla is the one who killed the Exorcist. Alastor finds that interesting, but decides to keep it secret for now. When he returns to the Hotel, Vaggie ultimately decides to let Pentious keep the Egg Bois.

Sometime later, Charlie decides to get help from her father Lucifer, the King of Hell, in hopes of him convincing Heaven's leadership to have a meeting with Charlie. Alastor is immediately enraged by Lucifer's presence for unknown reasons, and decides to spite him by pretending that he's Charlie's new father figure. They eventually have the quarreling song "Hell's Greatest Dad" where they rival for Charlie's attention, but are interrupted by Mimzy's sudden arrival. Husk talks to Alastor, having known for Mimzy long enough to know that if she came to Alastor, she's bringing trouble to the hotel: something quickly proven when a bunch of loan sharks arrive, Mimzy claiming she stole fifty thousand dollars, a car and then crashed it into the leader's girlfriend. Alastor engages the loan sharks in battle and quickly kills them all, before telling Mimzy to leave the Hotel due to bringing trouble.

When Charlie's meeting with Heaven goes horribly, Vaggie being revealed as a Fallen Angel and Exorcist leader Adam revealing he will attack the Hotel first in the next Extermination, Alastor talks to her in private. After briefly mocking her, Alastor proposes a deal where he'll reveal a secret in exchange for Charlie doing something for him in the future: she complies, and Alastor reveals Carmilla killed an Exorcist. Once this is done, the two leave the Hotel while Vaggie goes to Carmilla for help.

It's revealed Alastor and Charlie went to Cannibal Town, ruled by Alastor close friend, the Overlord Rosie. They ask for help against the Extermination and if they could use the Cannibals as an army; Rosie agrees, but says Charlie will first need to convince the Cannibals to help, especially an old and grumpy one named Susan. While she screws up at first, once she talks with Rosie about how she feels betrayed by Vaggie not revealing she's an angel earlier, she ultimately tries again and convinces the cannibals to fight against the Exorcists. As she does this, Alastor claims Charlie has potential that he could guide, to which Rosie agrees.

When it's time to finally fight the Exorcists, Alastor is tasked with battling Adam due to being the strongest one present besides Charlie, who's unwilling to use her full power. While he initially creates a massive shield around the Hotel's cliffside to prevent too many Exorcists from overcrowding the cannibals, Adam manages to destroy it with just one hit. The First Man and the Radio Demon then battle each other, where the latter mocks the former for his sloppy fighting style, but is ultimately defeated in one hit once Adam gets serious. Seriously injured, Alastor has no choice but to retreat, with Charlie guessing he's dead if Adam started attacking her soldiers.

After the Extermination is stopped, with Adam and Sir Pentious both dying in the process, Alastor retreats to his radio station. In his portion of the song "Finale", Alastor expresses his shock and anger that he almost died, and in what would be a "heroic sacrifice", no less. The fight with Adam left him more desperate then ever to break free from the deal that resulted in someone owning his soul, claiming he'll be the one "pulling all the strings" once he achieves his freedom. After recovering from his injuries, Alastor reveals his survival to the hotel crew, with everyone except Lucifer and Husk happy to see he's okay.

Powers & Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

  • Demon Transformation: In flashbacks featured in the pilot, as well as in the official Alastor-centric comic, Alastor has demonstrated the ability to turn into a more powerful Demon form. He has also shown multiple Demonic Transformations throughout the series.
  • Regeneration: All sinners have a high healing factor, it is unstated whether it is quick or takes a while but it is said to be really useful and well-working.
  • Flexibility: Alastor can contort his body into numerous unnatural poses.
  • Agility: In "The Show Must Go On," he dodges many of Adam's attacks with ease.
  • Nigh-Immortality: Like with every Sinner, angelic steel is the only thing capable of killing Alastor, and thus he can survive every other type of attack. However, he is not invulnerable and can still take damage, even if it won't kill him.
  • Self-Resurrection: As stated in old Live Streams, since sinners can only permanently die from angelic weapons, after "death" they would painfully and slowly come back to life until fully back healed unless harmed by an angelic weapons before dying, then they would come back with the wound/scar/harm from the weapon still on them, unable to heal it.
  • High Durability: Sinners have very durable bodies, able to withstand extreme amounts of trauma and damage. Being shown in the pilot when Alastor destroyed Sir Pentious's ship, after they left, Sir Pentious crawled from the crater bruised but not dead.


  • Deal Making: Alastor is shown to be a deal-maker demon in the pilot, offering Charlie a deal in return for his help with the hotel, something she wisely turns down. Deal-maker demons like Alastor can increase their power by dealing in souls, which is a very powerful commodity in hell. So they’re seen as very manipulative and not to be toyed with. Deal-making is not something every demon can do, as such it is not to be taken lightly as it doesn’t generally work out well for the other party. This skill seems to be a common among Overlords. However, not all deals involve offering something in exchange for souls, so the demon offering a deal can change the exchange, such as offering something in exchange for a favor, as seen when Alastor makes a deal with Charlie for offering her information on how to kill an Exorcist in exchange for a favor from Charlie at a time of his choice. ___°
    • Soul Manipulation: Alastor has been shown to be able to produce "souls" when using his powers like when making a deal with Charlie, Shadow-like souls fly all over the room. He also threatened to rip Husker's soul apart and broadcast it everywhere as a warning.
  • Manipulation & Acting: He is master at manipulation, he was able to convince his good persona throughout the whole series, he also knew building good relationships with Charlie Morningstar would benefit him greatly, when Lucifer arrived he knew he would attempt to fix his father-daughter bond that was lost so he specifically acted like a father simply to annoy Lucifer (as seen in "Hell's Greatest Dad") and still was able to build a decent relationship with Vaggie at the end of the series as she hugs him along with the others (- Husk and Lucifer) and he is exceptionally great at Acting and Stage Performing.
  • Reality Warping: All throughout the show, Alastor has been able to distort reality in whatever area he's in, either using it for song purposes or to threaten and intimidate people. ___°Color Distortion: He is able to distort natural colors to inverted red, green and blue. He was also able to use this inside of Lucifer's tent dimension in the song "Hell's Greatest Dad". This ability was first shown in the pilot episode in the song "Alastor's Reprise".
  • Sound Manipulation: He casually makes different sounds depending on the situation or need of using specific sounds and or effects. Mostly deer/Wendigo sounds, Radio screeching, static sounds, classic earlier 1930s show sounds (laugh track, applause, etc). ___°Symphokinesis° He produces old timey earlier 1900s music that sounds like it's broadcasted over a radio.
  • Tentacle Generation: One of Alastor's most prominent abilities is his ability to summon tentacles, from any surface and even from his body.
  • Duplication: Like with Lucifer, Alastor has been shown to be able to have multiple versions of himself, thought only through song, they are acknowledged by the characters in "Dad beat Dad" when singing against Lucifer.
  • Electrical Interference: Stolas from "Helluva boss" has been shown to use this ability too. Either near or even by his own will, Alastor can make devices glitch or make it so they can't capture his being.
  • Umbrakinesis: He can use and manipulate the shadows and darkness to his desires, either using it to get around, create creatures, generate protection, have flickering fire-looking shadows surround him as in "The Show Must Go On" when telling adam "YOU'RE SLOPPY". ___°Life Creation: Alastor has been shown to be able to create shadow minions by simply snapping his fingers. ___°Barrier Generation: When the war started in "The Show Must Go On", trying shielding the battlefield and Making most exterminators crash into it, Alastor generated a giant shadow barrier around the hotel and it's surrounding property. ___°Teleportation: He uses his shadow to get around and teleport from one area to another one an instant. ___°Voodoo Doll Creation: He can create seemingly sentient and incredibly unhinged little voodoo/imp looking creatures. ___°Shadow Animation: His shadow seems to have a mind of its own, or maybe shows on it's face what he thinking in his head and other seemingly sentient shadows. ___°Pyro-Shadows: When Facing off against Adam, Alastor has flame-looking shadows engulf his entire transformation.
  • Voice Manipulation: He can distort his voice, removing or adding the radio effect, making it sound demonic, or just sounding deeper than his normal voice.
  • Chain Manipulation: When talking to Husk in the hallway, he makes a comment that gets under Alastor's skin which leads to Alastor conjuring a green glowing chain around Husk's neck.
  • Manifestation: Using this ability frequently, Alastor conjures things like his microphone, a camera, and even other people. ___°Summoning: While mostly using it on those whose soul he owns like in the pilot when he summoned Husk and Niffty to the hotel. ___°Banishment: Just as easy as he can conjure things, he can make them disappear without a trace and there's slight speculation if he can do the same with people.
  • Slight-Invisibility: In Alastor's backstory (Mimzy's description), while cornering an overlord, Alastor completely disappears out of sight when the street light continues going off and it isn't believed that he was teleporting since the style, speed, and way he teleports is completely different.
  • Transmutation: At the end of the pilot, lightning hits the "Happy Hotel" sign and transforms it to "Hazbin Hotel" and Alastor takes credit for this in "Dad beat Dad" when telling Lucifer he was the one to come up with the idea so he was the cause of it changing. ___°Outfit Alteration: As shown in the pilot and in "Overture", Alastor can alter, create, and remove clothes with a simple snap.
  • Shapeshifting: Thought shown only twice, once in the pilot and once in the show, Alastor has been shown to change shape into a tent-like form.
  • Size Alteration: While protecting the hotel from the loan sharks, he grew to a giant and incredible size, devouring the goons with ease due to his size.
  • Photokinesis: He can project bright light from the eye on his microphone, yellow light from his teeth, green or red light around him and the area, or make his any part of his body (especially his eyes) glow different colored light.
  • Fragokinesis: When Sir Pentious ripped a tiny piece of fabric off of his coat in "Radio killed the Video Star" after getting his airship destroyed, Alastor generates a giant green explosion which sends Sir Pentious far away from the hotel and into the city.
  • Pocket Dimension Creation: In the episode "Scrambled Eggs", it was shown that Alastor changed reality in his room to fade from normal a normal room into a bayou/swamp with its own fireflies.
  • Radio Manipulation: While living, Alastor's profession was as a radio show host, and he continues his broadcasts in Hell, ensuring that Hell's denizens are aware of his activities over the airwaves, earning him the title of "The Radio Demon".
  • Bilingualism: Alastor can speak English fluently as well as some broken Creole French.
  • Cooking: Alastor is noted to be "a big foodie" and mentions having admired his mother's cooking in the pilot, specifically her Jambalaya.
  • Musical, Dancing, and Theatrical Talent: Alastor is shown to display moderate vocal abilities and excels at dancing, with VivziePop noting tap to be a style he excels in specifically. He also shows a flair for theatrical showmanship.
  • Typhokinesis: He can summon green smoke at will, like when seeing Adam for the first time or the green smoke flowing around the shadow barrier he created.
  • Element Manipulation: There are various elements that he can control, shown across all the cannon sources related to him. ___°Electrokinesis: When Facing Adam, Alastor generates green electricity almost all throughout the fight. ___°Pyrokinesis: One of his main abilities his his pyrokinesis, he can create and manipulate his green fire. ___°Phytokinesis: In the cannon comic "A Day in The Afterlife", Alastor plucks a rose from a bush and upon touching it, it wilts and dies. ___°Aerokinesis: When trying to make a deal with Charlie in the pilot and succeeding to do so in the pilot, he generates powerful winds and it's not just how he makes deals since it didn't happened when he made a deal with Vaggie.
  • High Intellect: Alastor is shown to be quite a very cunning and intelligent individual, resulting in him accruing a large amount of power through his tricks and deal-making, a few examples are when he found a way to tear apart and trap a soul prior to developing his demonic powers and when tricked Vox into overloading with the amount of anger onto himself, causing a blackout from his hypnotic broadcasting.


Pre-Release Material/Pilot[]

You know, I do really hate those who can’t… show a little more respect to those of fairer means. It’s rather distasteful, LIKE BAD MEAT.
~ Alastor right before killing the butcher shop owner for assaulting a sheep demon.
Alastor: May I speak now?
Charlie: You may-
Alastor: Alastor! Pleasure to be meeting you sweetheart, quite a pleasure. Excuse my sudden visit, but I saw your fiasco on the picture show, and I just couldn’t resist, what a performance! Why I haven’t been that entertained since the stock market crash of 1929! Hahahahaha! So many orphans.
~ Alastor introducing himself to Charlie.
Dear, if I wanted to hurt anyone here... I would have done so already...
~ Alastor when Vaggie confronts him and his most famous quote in the pilot
Hahaha! Why does anyone do anything? Sheer, absolute boredom! I’ve lacked inspiration for decades, my work became mundane, lacking focus, aimless! I have come to crave a new form of entertainment! Hahaha!
~ Alastor explaining his reason for wanting to help Charlie and the hotel.
Of course not! That's wacky nonsense! Redemption, oh the non-existent humanity! No, no, no, no. I don't think there's anything left that could save such loathsome sinners. The chance given was the life they lived before, the punishment is this! There is no undoing what is done!
~ Alastor telling Charlie his disbelief of redemption for sinners.
Consider it an investment in ongoing entertainment for myself! I want to watch the scum of the world struggle to climb up the hill of betterment! Only to repeatedly trip, and tumble down to the fiery pit of failure.
~ Alastor crazing entertaining in watching others try and fail.
After all, the world is a stage. And a stage is the world of entertainment.
~ Alastor
Well, I'm starved! Who wants some jambalaya? My mother once showed me a wonderful recipe for jambalaya! In fact, it nearly killed her! Hahaha! You could say the kick was right out of hell! Ohoho! I’m on a roll! Yes sir! This is the start of some real changes around here. The game is set… Now… stay tuned
~ Alastor at the end of the pilot.

Hazbin Hotel[]

Angel Dust: Hey, I have a question. If freaky face over there is so powerful, then why can't he just make people stay here?
Alastor: Oh trust me, I can.
~ Angel asking if Alastor could force people to stay at the hotel.
I came here because I love seeing wasteful souls struggle to accomplish something meaningful, and fail spectacularly, like you are doing now. Good job!
~ Alastor mocking Vaggie for her failure to create a new commercial.
I wouldn’t try that, my dear. This face was made for radio.
~ Alastor to Vaggie after her camera short-circuited.
If you ever say that again, I will tear your soul apart, and broadcast your screams for every other disrespect WRETCH who dares to question me!
~ Alastor threatening Husk after he mentions that he owes his soul to someone.
Vaggie: I’ll take care of this.
Alastor: No, my dear. Leave it to me. It's time I remind everyone why I am here.
Mimzy: Ugh, finally! Took you long enough!
Alastor: A reminder to all… not to mess… WITH THE RADIO DEMON.
~ Alastor preparing to kill the Loan Sharks
~ Alastor beginning to kill the Loan Sharks for attacking the hotel.
Oh, I missed getting to let off steam.
~ Alastor after killing the Loan Sharks.
Your SOUL?...Heavens, no! All I need from you is one itty bitty favor. What's a favor between friends?
~ Alastor asking for a favor from Charlie for their deal.
Let the slaughter begin.
~ Alastor watching the Extermination begin.
Alastor: Adam. First man, next to die!
Adam: Who the f*ck are you?
Alastor: Alastor! Pleasure to be meeting you, quite a pleasure. I'm about to END YOUR F*CKING LIFE.
~ Alastor introducing himself to Adam
You should know better than anyone what a soul can accomplish when they take charge of their own fate.
~ Alastor fighting Adam.
You lack discipline, control, and worst? YOU'RE SLOPPY.
~ Alastor mocking Adam during their fight.
What just happened? Ffffff*ck.
~ Alastor realizing Adam broke his staff.
Have to disagree with you there. Radio’s not dead, but it is ending this broadcast.
~ Alastor retreating from Adam after being injured.
♪ And we’re doing it with a smile! ♪
~ Alastor returning to the group.


  • Alastor’s birthday was confirmed to be January 1st, so he’s Capricorn.
  • It was stated that Alastor was from New Orleans, Louisiana when he was alive.
    • He was an only child.
  • Alastor was confirmed to be Aromantic asexual by Vivziepop, Faustisse and Amir Talai, and is seen disliking Angel Dust's sexual remarks in the pilot.
    • Despite this, Vivziepop doesn't mind if Alastor is shipped with any of the other characters.
    • But in the show was Rosie saying he is a "ace in the Hole" that says he is Asexual maybe later it is said that he is also aromantic
  • According to Vivziepop, Alastor dislikes being touched, although he appears to have no problem with touching others as he does so multiple times in the pilot. That being said, he may curb this disliking by wearing his gloves.
    • Despite this however, he didn't seem to mind Charlie hugging him in "The Show Must Go On".
  • Alastor's deer-demon appearance and his tendency toward cannibalism appear to be based on a monster from North American folklore called the wendigo.
  • Fittingly, Alastor has an "Oh Deer" mug
  • Vivziepop once stated that she doesn't see Alastor as a villain but more of an anti-hero. However, she stated this years before the show came out and was still in production, so this could have changed. It's also possible that Medrano was simply lying to keep Alastor's motivation ambiguous.
  • In terms of power, it is stated that Alastor has many abilities that he keeps secret as he likes to be unpredictable.
    • Faustie also states that Alastor has no desire for power.
    • Additionally, despite Alastor being treated as a uniquely and unimaginably powerful foe in the show, he's not actually that strong outside of the Pride Ring: The Morningstar Family, Seven Deadly Sins and most of the Ars Goetia (including Stolas) exceed him in power. This was showcased in the Season 1 finale, where Alastor is taken down in one hit by Adam, Charlie puts up a better fight, and Lucifer wrecks Adam without even putting effort into it.
  • Perhaps shown by his old-fashioned manners and tone, Alastor dislikes modern technology that was created after he died. This is also a reason why he doesn't get along with Vox.
  • Despite his sadistic personality, Alastor seems to hate rapists, or at least those who abuse others weaker than them. As seen in the comic A Day in the Afterlife, where he murders the owner of a butcher shop for trying to assault a sheep-like demon lady. Vizziepop also claims that he has a taboo against killing children, although he is willing to spank or otherwise harshly punish those who misbehave.
  • It is implied by Vivziepop that Alastor's death had something to do with dogs, saying that he dislikes them due to backstory reasons.
    • This could mean that he was mauled to death.
  • It was confirmed that Alastor is a mama's boy.
  • Alastor shares a surprising number of similarities with Adam.
    • They were both humans before becoming the beings they are in the present.
    • Both reached a position of power through massacres (Alastor murdering other Overlords and Adam with exterminations).
    • Both had a dark past as humans (Alastor as a serial killer and Adam as a toxic man).
    • Both are related to a possible solution to overpopulation (Alastor with the Hazbin Hotel and Adam with the exterminations).
    • Neither of them really believes in solutions to the problems of infernal overpopulation, they only participate for their own entertainment.
    • Neither of them believes it is possible to rehabilitate a demon, maintaining that he only lives once and that is the opportunity to make things right. In addition to the fact that both delight in tormenting sinners.
    • Both enjoy killing demons.
    • They are both very narcissistic, though Adam's ego far outweighs Alastor's.
    • They both have an adept with whom they seem to get along quite well (Alastor with Niffty more than Husk, and Adam with Lute).
      • Alastor could be said to be Adam's counterpart in Hell.
  • Some fans believe Alastor was inspired by The Princess and the Frog's main antagonist Dr. Facilier due to both having voodoo powers and shadow friends, that use blacklights when singing. However Vivziepop confirmed that she made Alastor before Princess and the Frog came out.
    • Funnily enough, Dr. Facilier's voice actor, Keith David, also voices Husk in Hazbin Hotel.
  • It is entirely possible that Alastor may or may not be redeemed since although he says that he doesn’t believe in it, it’s possible that he’s keeping his true feelings hidden from everyone else which has been confirmed in “The Show Must Go On” and while his end goal seems to be to free himself from Lilith or someone else’s control and rule Hell for himself, it’s also possible that he plans on using his deal with Charlie for other purposes like getting rid of the Vees and/or reuniting with his mother which has yet to be seen. Either way, it would make his redemption complicated especially since he would show reluctance in it.

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