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Dear, if I wanted to hurt anyone here... I would have done so already!
~ Alastor when Vaggie mistrusts him
After all, the world is a stage. And a stage is a world of entertainment.
~ Alastor
I want to watch the scum of the world struggle to climb up the hill of betterment. Only to repeatedly trip and tumble down to the fiery pit of failure.
~ Alastor craving entertainment

Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, is a supporting character and possible antagonist of the Adult animated YouTube series Hazbin Hotel. He is one of the most famous and dangerous sinners in Hell.


Alastor is dressed in a dark red suit with a tie. He has pale skin, a spiky yellow grin and red eyes. His hair is red and brown and he has two little antlers on the top of his head. He also has a monocle and carries a microphone staff with him. His voice sounds like its muffled through an old speaker and occasionally a laugh track accompanies what he says.


Alastor is clearly cruel, sadistic and extremely violent. He likes to showcase his power and carnage to everyone. Despite being extremely powerful, he tends to get bored and lacks inspiration. He seeks entertainment which he still gets out of others suffering. But to achieve that, he is willing to be supportive and kind. He always smiles and is creepily cheerful and upbeat all the time.


When Alastor was alive, he was a serial killer and radio talkshow host. He later was accidentally shot by a deer-hunter, explaining his little antlers. When he appeared in Hell, he possessed unimaginable power, stronger than that of any mortal before him. It was unknown what exactly led him to such strength. He wreaked havoc and committed atrocities only to broadcast them, so that everyone could witness them.

He shows up at Charlies hotel and wants to help her out. Alastor saw her appearance on the news and liked her passion. He doesn't think its possible to redeem demons, but he is bored and wants to watch the chaos unfold. He summons a few other demons so the hotel has more staff and gives her tips on how to improve.

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