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Should one of us fall then the other will continue till the very end. That's how we atone for the sin of surviving that day ten years ago
~ Alauda

Alauda Hafez (simply known as Alauda) is the twin brother of Premier Luscinia Hāfez, and a minor antagonist in the anime series, Fam The Silver Wing (a spin-off of Last Exile).

Luscinia and Alauda were once Guild agents and descendants of The White who were hired by the Guild to act as bodyguards to the Ades Federation's Augusta (Queen), Farahnaz.

He is shown to have once been far more in touch with his emotions than his brother, and was far more talkative and loquacious, although he became far more introverted after failing to protect Augusta Farahnaz from assassins, and no longer typically displays whatever emotions he feels.

Alauda tends to blindly follow his brother's ideals, fully believing in his brother's plans for the Ades Federation and the rest of the world. He is known to have worked as an assassin and an intelligence agent for his brother on multiple occasions, using solid, red dual-bladed lightsaber-like extendable weapon with a cool centre, which he can change the length of at will, from anywhere between 10 cm blades to approximately 3 m blades.

During the battle over Turan, under his brother's orders, Alauda murders the entire bridge crew of the Lasas and kidnaps Princess Liliana.

In Alauda's final assignment, he and several other assassins break aboard the Silvius, and attempt to kill the vessel's crew, at which point he becomes engaged in a duel with former Guild agent and brother of Maestro Delphine (the now deceased leader of The Guild), Dio Eraclea. Dio eventually kills Alauda in the duel.