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Albearto is a recurring antagonist of the 2018 Nickelodeon show Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


War and Pizza

Initially a normal and non-sentient animatronic, Albearto was the lead singer at his pizzeria. However, a kid threw food at him, causing him to short circuit and break down. April then calls Donatello to fix Albearto, who arrives and vastly improves the animatronic. Back on the stage, Albearto begins singing the birthday song again, this time with an electric guitar solo and laser show. However, he starts glitching and stuck his guitar into a stage light, causing him to be electrocuted, accidentally granting him sentience in the process.

Albearto begins going on a rampage, but April manages to sever his hands, only for him to sprout out claws and chase all of the kids out. He then grants every other machine in the pizzeria sentience, causing a large-scale war between the turtles and bots. While the turtles manage to dispatch the other robots with ease, they have trouble against Albearto.

Donatello realizes that there is only one way to get through to Albearto, and gives him a birthday cake. Upon seeing the cake, Albearto loses his rage, surprised he was receiving a birthday party of his own. The four turtles then sing the birthday song, moving Albearto to the point of tears. However, before they can finish their song, April pounces on Albearto and bashes him repeatedly with a mallet, severing his head. At the end of the episode, Albearto's eyes flash, revealing that he is still alive.

Al Be Back

Baxter Stockboy brings Albearto's head to the rebuilt Albearto's Pizzeria in exchange for a cheat code on the dance machine. Albearto then sees another Albearto animatronic, severs its head, and puts his own on, gaining a new body.

He takes over the party and grants sentience to all of the Albearto rejects before leaving with his new army. He declares to his army that they will liberate all robots, starting with Albearto Land, where the ninja turtles happen to be playing at for their first gig. He and his minions then arrive and take over the amusement park. Albearto rushes toward the central control tower and uses it to raise all of the bots at once, and then orders them to destroy the turtles.

The turtles then play the music they intended before the Albearto take over; however, their music is so bad that all of the bots take themselves out. Unable to stand the terrible music, Albearto jumps in a cart, drives away, and crashes off-screen, leaving his ultimate fate unknown, as he makes no further appearances in the series.


  • Albearto is an obvious parody of Freddy Fazbear.
  • Albearto bears a resemblance to Billy Bob, one of the members of the Rock-Afire Explosion from the now defunct Showbiz Pizza Place.


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