Albert is a supporting antagonist in the computer-animated French film A Monster in Paris.

He is voiced by Bruno Salomone in the French version and Matthew Géczy in the English version. 


He is a demotivated, clumsy cabaret server and bored by his work. He likes to sing and wants to prove to Lucille (the main protagonist) that he is an artist although she rejects his passion for singing badly.


From the beginning of the film, it is shown that Albert is clumsy and incompetent in his job when he almost flipped a bucket with a bottle of wine or he almost can not open the bottle. As the bottle cap comes off, he jumps for joy and Mrs. Carlotta serves the customers Maynott and Paté in his place.

Later in the film, Albert goes to Lucille's dressing room to show her his singing talent (although he is the only one who thinks it). The singer does not dare to say what she thinks and is content to ask him out.  At the moment he goes out, the waiter says that Lucille is jealous and says himself that his songs are better. He also meets Franceour and screams in fear at seeing him (like anyone he met) and runs behind a barrier.

He is seen again soon after, serving Emile and Raoul at the cabaret. At the end of Lucille and Franceour's show, Albert hears Emile and Raoul scream and decides to spy on the group that has taken refuge in Lucille's dressing room. The next day, Commissioner Maynott gives a lecture about Franceour, assuring the city that he will find and kill him

Albert, decide to tell him what he heard the other night. Maynott furiously goes with the server and the policemen to the cabaret to catch Franceour. While the commissioner is arguing with Lucille, we can see Albert laugh and smile behind them (probably to avenge the disrespect of the singer for Albert). 

The latter informs Maynott that the chip is in Lucille's dressing room but the commissioner finds nothing. He then arrests Albert for false alarm and falsifying evidence to the police and sends him to prison.

In a post-credits scene, we can see Albert in a cell, singing with a bandit and Maynott (also arrested later in the film) screaming annoyed by the other two.

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