Albert is the main antagonist of the novel The Color Purple, as well as Steven Spielberg's film of the same name.

He was portrayed by Danny Glover.


Albert had a family and he needed a wife, and he has a family that no wife.Albert was going to marry Nettie, But Nettie was young, so her sister Celie became Albert's wife.Celie wanted to live with Nettie, But one day, Albert bullied Celie. and she escaped from Albert, He gets mad and he kicks out Nettie and never met her again with Celie. If Celie did not work, He bullied Celie and hurt her. Also, Albert loves the singer called Shug Avery, He wanted to marry her, But she married with other man called Grady.

When Avery and Grady visited Albert's house in Easter day, Avery and Celie knew that Albert was took every Nettie's letter.

At Albert had a meal with Avery and Celie, Avery talked Albert to take Celie with her. But he said no, Celie talked everyone that Albert took all of Nettie's letter.

Albert annoyed Celie again, and Celie gets very mad and going to kill Albert. But Avery stopped her. Albert gets mad again and going to hurt Celie, But he stopped Albert and leaved. and Celie became free.

Albert lives alone again, he regrets that he did to Celie, So he was going to met Celie again, But he was ignored by Celie.

and He goes to the Natrualization office and he gets Nettie to home. (Nettie was in the Africa)

Albert took Nettie to home to meet Celie again.