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Albert "The Weasel" Arlington is one of playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He appears in the Zombies map Mob of the Dead. He is also seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in Blood of the Dead, where he appears as a spirit in the form of a bird.


Albert was a financial advisor in the plebiscite of Salvatore DeLuca and a crook. He was part of a Los Angeles attack, which resulted in him being sent to the prison in Alcatraz. He is known for having extensive criminal history.

While in Alcatraz, Albert invented a plan to escape and talked three other gangsters: Salvatore DeLuca, Michael O'Leary and Billy Handsome to help him. At night after the lights were turned off, he pretended to be ill and the guard would open the cell and check it. Albert then killed the guard with a knife and took his keys to free Sala, Billy and Finn.

Billy armed the remaining Python revolvers, which he smuggled from the guard's "private collection". However, the dead guard came to life as a zombie. After killing him again, a horde of zombies coming out of the target attacked four gangsters. While others fought the zombies, Albert fled, but was surrounded and killed by the zombies, and then sent to life after life.

After these events, he returned with his three other gangsters to his body and traversed the Alcatraz prison to find parts for the plane they would escape. After getting them and launching the plane, it seemed that the gangsters would escape, but the plane crashed on the Golden Gate Bridge. Later, they returned to Alcatraz prison and tried to escape a few more times with the help of a plane, but it ended with a break on the Golden Gate Bridge. Then it turned out that Albert's plan never existed. The three gangsters betrayed him and brutally murdered him on the rooftop of the prison. Further story depends on the player, he can continue the cycle or break it.


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Albert "Weasel" Arlington
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