Albert Böllemann is one of the 5 main antagonists in the German comedy movie Didi und die Rache der Enterbten. Albert is a forgetful inventor who lives in a caravan together with a parrot called Oskar.

He was portrayed by Dieter Hallervorden.


Albert Böllemann and his four relatives gather to hear the opening of their late uncle Gustav's will, a video tape is played where Gustav reveals that he disinherits all of them but one, Dieter Dödel, who never asked him for money (he never found his address). The relatives get enraged and Emilio asks the attorney Dr. Prätorius who Dödel was, to which the attroney relied that he couldn't find him. Emilio wonders if Dieter was already dead, as the money would be shared among the five of them. Prätorius corrects him by saying: "Four!" and gestures to Titus, who had meanwhile suffocated on an ananas. Prätorius then claims: "You know, dead can't inherit.", which inspires Emilio and the others to kill Dieter Dödel so they could have the money. It is later revealed that Prätorius, who manipulated the Böllemanns into planning to kill Dieter Dödel in the first place, was also planning to kill Dödel when the others have failed and already faked a suicide note.

He was the last relative to make his move by placing a lighter on the street which is actually a tracking device. Dieter Dödel picked it up and would then be followed by Albert's drone Alpha 1. Alpha 1 eventually crashed into the statue of a ghost train as Dieter ran inside to escape from Emilio and Alfredo. The sudden destruction of his drone startled Albert before he fixed his computer and send his second drone, Alpha 2. However, Alpha 2 flew directly towards Albert's caravan after Dieter lost the lighter undernath it while running away from Emilio. Albert ran out of his caravan telling the drone to stop before he crawled undernath the caravan, trying to get the lighter before it was too late, but he couldn't reach it in time, resulting in Alpha 2 hitting his caravan, casuing an explosion that killed Albert.

Later, his parrot Oskar is shown to be alive.



  • Albert was played by Dieter Hallervorden, like all antagonists except Dr. Prätorius.
  • Albert's name and appearance are based on Albert Einstein.