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You don't get it, do you, kid? You have to seize the opportunity, or lose the profit. Simple...the free its finest.
~ Albert Contiello when confronted by Nick Ramos

Albert Contiello is one of the seven psychopaths that embody the Seven Deadly Sins featured in the 2013 video game Dead Rising 3, embodying the sin of Greed and the only one of them who is required to be fought in the main story.

First encountered in Chapter 3 in the main quest Making A Killing, Albert is a surgeon who sees the zombie outbreak as a fantastic money-making opportunity. Therefore, he began to kidnap survivors and imprisoned them in the Almuda Farms Warehouses to remove their organs and sell them on the black market for large sums of money. Albert wears an unusually large amount of jewelry on his person, most likely taken as souvenirs from his victims.

He is voiced by Gregory Franklin.


Nick Ramos, who is in the process of destroying military drops, enters the empty Almuda Farms Warehouse where the last chest was located. Inside, Nick finds nothing but eerie silence, so he goes deeper into the building where he sees a chest. Unfortunately, at this point, Albert appears behind him and sticks a syringe containing a hallucinogenic drug into his neck, after which Nick loses consciousness.

Moments later, Nick wakes up to see Albert getting ready to operate on a young girl named Alejandra Garcia to take her liver away. Nick, still under the effects of the drug, tries to get up, but Albert tells him to lie down and wait for his turn. Nick does not give up and staggers to fall straight onto the table with the boxes with internal organs. This infuriates Albert, who tells the mechanic that they belong to him. Nick quickly realizes that Albert is a murderer and has taken the internal organs of innocent people, to which the mad doctor replies that he is just a businessman looking to make money during a very favorable situation. After a while, Nick begins to hallucinate and sees Alejandra change into one of Albert's clones. After Alejandra gets up from the bloodied table, Albert decides to kill Nick with a circular saw.

After the fight, the defeated Albert with a syringe in his neck begins to hallucinate that a group of zombies is entering into the Warehouse. Albert tells them to keep their hands away from what is his, then he sees the zombies bite into his stomach and pull the intestines out, and in fact, Albert, under the influence of the drug, cuts his stomach himself with a circular saw and pulls the intestines out of his stomach until finally dies. After killing Albert, Nick is able to retrieve the stolen items, destroy the military chest, and save Alejandra and other survivors kept in the Warehouse. Right to his death, Albert is considered one of the darkest Psychopaths in the series thus far (along with Sean Keanan, Antoine Thomas, & Brandon Whittaker).

Killing Albert unlocks the Greedy achievement.




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