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Albert Hamilton Fish. They say he killed 400 people in his lifetime. They also called him "The Moon Maniac", the worst serial killer in American History. The origin of that alias is that his murders often took place at the time of full moon.
~ Neumann about Albert Fish.
Stop? Excuse me. I can't. It's just so much fun, you know…?
~ Albert Fish

Albert Fish is a minor antagonist from Reincarnation no Kaben. Based on the real life Albert Fish, who is best known as The Gray Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, Brooklyn Vampire, Moon Maniac, and Boogeyman, he is a notorious serial killer, rapist and cannibal who operate in New York in 1924-1932 as he racked around more than a hundred body count to his name as the leader of Forest of the Greats, Neumann, suspected that he had four hundred victims to his name during his lifetime before being executed by an electric chair.

In this manga, he is reincarnated as a vicious and ruthless murderer who ended up getting indulged by his own talent as he has a penchant to brutalize and eating his own victims in order to increase his own power. He is essentially the first enemy that the protagonists, Touya Senji and Haito Le Buffet, has to face as the latter need to kill him under the orders of Forest of the Greats's leader, Neumann. Although it is revealed that Fish himself is a member of the Sinners organization, it is shown that Fish is acting independent on his own to commit more reprehensible acts for himself in joy.


Albert Fish appears as a refined man with eyes closed most of the time and wears a black suit accompanied with a tattered apron befitting his cannibalistic nature as he also brought a knife with him. As he turns into his true form due to the talent that he had amassed from eating people, he then become a monstrous person with a bald hair, round eyes and a horrific slasher smile that almost made him look like Yoko Taro's avatar. In addition, his true form also shows his bulky body which is causes by muscle projection expansion after eating people, a black bandage twisted on his left arm and has his upper part of aporn being tattered that almost makes him looks like a barbarian and so does his long, black pants that has been tattered after being transformed.


Most of the time, members of the Sinners were portrayed as a misunderstood outcast who was set up by Forest of the Greats because of them being the threat of World Peace. The same however, cannot be said for Albert Fish who seems to act independently towards other Sinners despite being the member. Fish himself is depicted as a monstrous excuse of a Reincarnator who amass a large bodycount during his lifetime and loves to enjoy brutalizing, murdering and cannibalizing people that went near him, having no hesitation to use them as a random fodder to be eaten to increase his own talent. Fish himself can be a cautionary tale of the Sinners who ended up indulges himself with their dangerous talents and causing havoc in other areas alongside John Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein.

During the battle, Fish portrayed himself as an polite and refined fellow towards his enemy. However, his politeness could not cover up how sadistic he is during the battle. In the end, while he seems to be sad after his fight against Haito ended, it was more due to the fact that he will met his impending doom more than anything else while also feels rather envious towards Haito and Touya's relationships together.


Before being reincarnated himself, Albert Fish is a notorious serial killer that operates in New York during his lifetime with a lot of nicknames. Being not only a notorious serial killer, he is also a serial rapist and a cannibal who racks around more than a hundred victims with Neumann puts it that his victim reaches around four hundred people under his belt before being executed by electric chair. Due to the atrocities that he had committed during his lifetime, Fish was then reincarnated as a Sinner.

Albert Fish is introduced at first as a mysterious man accidentally bumping into one of the students in Touya's school which causes him seemingly apologizing due to his brash actions. When the student he accidentally bumped reminds Albert to look towards him to apologize, Albert then makes a slasher smile towards them which causes the student and his friends to run away as he picks a branch of Reincarnation as he tries waiting for nighttime.

As the nighttime hits, when the police are investigating something under the highway due to the fact that someone reported a person screaming in that location towards them, they then encountered Fish who was crouching in the dark, eating the remains of his corpse that he had brutally murdered before brutally killing all of the police standing in the area by either slicing one of the police's face or squashing one of the police's head while he enjoys the atrocities he had committed. At the same time, Fish's petals were dispersing from his body which attracts Touya's attention as the Petals start to act condescending towards him.

As Haito and Touya manages to locate Fish, he then greets them politely while justifying himself that he did all of his murders because he was indulged with his own talents while has no compunctions using innocent bystander as random fodder to be murdered in order to pull his amazing talent as he expressed his gratitude for it while justifying their deaths as being mere unluck for them. He then attempts to eats the protagonists as a form of gratitude towards them in order to strengthen his own talent.

During the battle, as Haito tells Fish to leave Touya alone, Fish ignores Haito's request and decides to attack Touya which causes him to be rescued while also attacking Haito again when she attempts to teach Touya the transmigration technique using the Branch of Reincarnation while claiming that he won't make Haito's death painful before Haito managing to gain an upper hand against him using the transmigration technique.

As the battle resumed, Fish then lift a tree to hit Haito after being hit by her with one of her blades. Fortunately, Haito manages to cut the tree with ease as the fight made Touya fascinated. When seemingly overpowered by Haito as she attempts to behead him, Fish attempts to attack Haito again in which Fish stabs the engine of the police car which causes it to explode. The explosion then attracts three bystanders which resulted in them being eaten by Fish in order to strengthen himself, turning him into a monstrous form as it was revealed that his talent is increasing his muscle projection by eating several people. With his new form, he then manages to overpower Haito in ease.

After Haito faints during the battle, Fish then attempts to eat her before being distracted by Touya as he uses himself as a bait for Fish by slitting his arm to create fresh blood for him to be attracted in order to save Haito. Fortunately, Touya manages to escape with the help of Neumann. As Touya attempts to evade Fish's attack, the latter then uses his whip to attack Touya as he manages to successfully land a hit despite several attacks. In spite of this, Touya decides to not run away to not only preserve his stamina, but it was also revealed that he intends to have Fish to be crushed by the rubble.

Despite this, Fish manages to rise from the rubble and attempts to attack Touya again. Fortunately, Haito regains her consciousness and returns to battle Fish as she orders Touya to hide in a certain side of a station to save himself from Fish as they began to fight again in the station as Fish also reveals his intentions to torture Haito to death according to Haito herself.

When Fish found out that Haito is unable to cut him, she then attempts to arrange his death by making him getting hit by a train while also calling him an idiotic cannibal killer. This resulted in Fish tied her in the train tracks in order to make her a minced meat and dismissed her warnings as mere jokes while wanting to behead Haito before the train comes. Fortunately, Haito then uses her other master technique to paralyze Fish as a last resort before meeting his death by getting hit by a train while saying that he was envious as tears went out from his face because he meet his impending doom while seeing Touya was saved by Haito in the end.

Powers and Abilities

Fish himself has a talent called Muscle Projection, which is a talent that is able to increase his muscle masses as he becomes a lot more powerful and more monstrous in terms of form with this talent. To increase his power, he needs to eat human flesh as he has no hesitation to brutalize and cannibalize innocent people just to increase it. With his talent, he was also bestowed a supernatural strength and agility as evidenced by his fight against Haito as he lift a huge tree just to defeat her.


  • Albert Fish's monstrous form face almost looks like Yoko Taro's avatar face. Yoko Taro himself is a Japanese game designer famous for creating Drakengard, NieR and SINoALICE.
  • Albert Fish's skill is reflected by the fact that he is a sadistic cannibal who ate innocent people after murdering them.

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