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What do you want, pig? Comin' in here, eyeballin' me. You think you can police me?! Nobody polices the Goliath!
~ Albert King to Commisioner Gordon.
Well look who shot their mouth off too soon. I guess it's just you and me now, Bats. Mano a mano. A real fight! Something to tell the kids about. Of course, you could just turn and run like a little chicken. You've faced the rest, now fight the best!
~ Albert King.

Albert King is a minor antagonist in the 2015 video-game Batman: Arkham Knight. He is one of the five people who got infected by Joker's blood. He was the second person to become infected.

He was voiced by Issac C. Singleton Jr, who also voiced Incognito in the 2001 Hellsing anime, Thanos in the 2010 Marvel Animated Universe and Soundwave in the War for Cybertron games.


Prior to game


In the game





  • He is the second longest infected out of the five.
  • Depending on whether the player chose to fight Albert King or Johnny Charisma first, Albert King would either be shot in the head in front of Batman, Robin, and Harley Quinn by Henry Adams, or he would be killed off-screen by Henry Adams.
  • The aspect of Joker's personality that King took on the most was Joker's violent nature.
  • Albert King seemed to hold a huge rivalry with Johnny Charisma, at least in instances where Batman was involved, as they were seen arguing over who got to fight Batman next.
  • He is the one who looked least like the Joker with his appearance being nowhere near the original. Though this is easily explainable: King's skin-tone was darker than Henry, Johnny and Bell's, so it would take longer for the infection to make him as pale as Joker.
  • Albert frequently addressed himself as the Goliath, a giant and very violent monster in the Bible. It was unknown if Albert gave himself the name or if it was his boxing nickname, but it was greatly implied that it was his boxing name due to his strength and height.


Nothing to say? Strong and silent type, huh? Well, let's see if I can change that. I'm gonna make you both beg for mercy and cry out in pain!
~ Albert King to Batman and Robin.
I'll show him fun. Two fists of fun! And then I'm coming to see you, Charisma. I'm gonna smack you so hard you're gonna be singing out the back of your head!
~ Albert arguing with Johnny Charisma.
You think the two of you can take me?! Think again!
~ Albert King.


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