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Albert Maverick is the main antagonist of the anime Tiger & Bunny. He is the CEO and president of Apollon Media, responsible for Hero TV, and the sponsor of heroes Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Wild Tiger. He took care of Barnaby Jr. after he secretly murdered his parents. Albert Maverick has the powers to manipulate memories and he manipulated Barnaby's so that he doesn't suspect his doings.


When Albert Maverick started Hero TV, discrimination against superpowered humans known as NEXT are still prevalent. Hero TV is a show where Heroes compete for points which they gain from different sorts of Heroic acts. One day, Maverick thought a way to increase Hero TV's ratings and make the heroes be accepted. He joined an organization (believed to be Ouroboros) and began staging crimes for the heroes to thwart on live television. Barnaby's parents found out that the result of their research on robotic armor was being given to the criminals by Maverick so Maverick killed them in front of the eyes of young Barnaby Brooks Jr. Albert Maverick manipulated Barnaby Jr.'s memories so that he won't be associated with the killing of his parents and he raise Barnaby Jr. to be the next hero on Hero TV.

He was killed by Lunatic, who is the son of Mr. Legend.