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NOTE: This article is about Albert Wesker from the film series. The character in the video games franchise can be found here: Albert Wesker.
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"How nice to finally meet the real you. Hurts, doesn't it? Well, that's just the start of the bad news. All those powers of yours: Speed, strength, accelerated healing. Well, you can kiss all those goodbye!".
~ Wesker as he meets Alice after dispatching her clones in their attempt to assassinate him.

Albert Wesker is the secondary antagonist of the Resident Evil film series. He appeared as the overarching antagonist in the 2007 film Resident Evil: Extinction, the main antagonist in the 2010 film Resident Evil: Afterlife, an anti-hero in the 2012 film Resident Evil: Retribution, and a major antagonist in the 2016 film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

He was a highly decorated commander and the head chairman of the Umbrella Corporation who also served as the personal subordinate of Dr. Alexander Isaacs, the corporation's supreme leader. Additionally, Wesker was the one who killed Umbrella's original founder James Marcus - also Isaacs' business partner - under Isaacs' orders in order to help carry out his and Umbrella's plan to unleash the T-Virus across the globe. Over the majority events in the series, Wesker had been in charge of Umbrella's day-to-day operations during the global T-virus pandemic and was instrumental in the organization's long-running conflict with protagonist Alice.

The character was portrayed by Jason O'Mara in Extinction and then by Shawn Roberts for the rest of the series.


In contrast to his counterpart from the video serves, Wesker serves as the chairman of the Umbrella Corporation in the film series. He was also the personal enforcer and right-hand man of Umbrella's co-founder Dr. Alexander Isaacs, and at one stage Wesker murdered Umbrella's originator James Marcus under Isaacs' orders.

17 months before the T-Virus Apocalypse, Wesker attended a meeting where Dr. Isaacs told his plan of "cleansing" a dying Earth from overpopulation and global warming by starting an Apocalypse in order to kill most of humanity, but keeping all the Umbrella employees and high command alive, with the vast majority of the put under cry-stasis inside the H.I.V.E., which acted as a Noah's Ark for them. The rest operated around the world. Because Wesker was the only one who held the highest level of authority amongst the Umbrella Employees who were not to be put under cryo-statis, he became the "acting" head of the Umbrella Corporation until Isaacs' eventual return.

Following the disaster at the Hive caused by employee Spence Parks and the bombing of Racoon City authorized by operative Timothy Cain, the Umbrella Corporation elected Wesker to supervise all operations. Wesker first summoned Issacs' clone Sam to have him take charge of Umbrella's Science Division. He then instructs Sam's superior Alexander Slater to keep watch on Sam, and later orders him to kill him for his failure; this results in Sam killing Slater before he himself is later a battle with a survivor named Alice. Upon discovering the nature of Alice and her potential, Wesker began to view Alice as a threat to Umbrella and resolves to eliminate her at all costs.

At some point, Wesker takes charge of his Umbrella underground headquarters in Tokyo. He is soon ambushed by Alice and her army of armed ninjutsu clones. Despite the many deaths of Japanese Umbrella Soldiers, Wesker survives the ambush and escapes on an armored Umbrella Jet before destroying it with a powerful contingency bomb. However, the real Alice was already in the plane and confronts him. He injects her an antivirus to depower her and reveals that he himself has taken the T-Virus to gain superhuman strength, speed, endurance and regeneration. All this while the unpiloted plane crashed and they both escaped.

He was then confronted by Alice and her allies at the Arcadia, where he secretly captures survivors for experimentation and to sustain his unstable powers via cannibalism. Alice manages to defeat and seemingly kill him. He regenerates and escapes after killing his subordinate Bennett Sinclair for his failure to eliminate Alice and her allies.

Sometime later, Wesker seemingly teams up with Alice to help her escape an Umbrella facility at the Antarctic and help her stop the Red Queen. He is successful and manages to have her brought to the White House, where he and his armies have made a stronghold. He pretends to restore Alice's superhuman abilities and presumably demands her help against the oncoming attack my mutated monsters. Although Alice does survive the attack in the end, she ends up discovering that Wesker has betrayed her in the end.

Wesker soon returns to the H.I.V.E. and takes control over the A.I. to use the security systems against Alice and her remaining allies, whilst also informing Issacs' other clone about Alice's latest movements. Wesker then reawakens his master and Umbrella's co-founder, Dr. Alexander Issacs from cryostasis. It is then revealed that he is a member of Umbrella's High Command and a personal subordinate to Dr. Alexander Isaacs. As an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, the Red Queen cannot harm him and has to protect him. When the other co-owner of the Umbrella Corporation, Alicia Marcus, fires him his protection is removed and the Red Queen slams a large door on him which fatally wounds him and severs his limb. Alice leaves a detonator in his hands, so when he dies out from massive blood loss, he will drop the detonator and the H.I.V.E. will be destroyed. He tries to beg Alicia Marcus for help, but she only pities him and says that he's dying already and encourages him to "get on with it". He soon dies out and drops the detonator, which destroys both the H.I.V.E. and his deceased body altogether; as such, Umbrella's High Command with tens of thousands people in cryostasis all die as well as Alicia Marcus - thus ending the Umbrella Corporation for good.


  • Albert Wesker worked for the Umbrella Corporation for 17 years before his death. Thus he was hired in 1995, which would be 17 years before 2012.
  • Shawn Roberts was cast as Wesker after he originally audition for Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife.
  • Elements of his fight with Chris and Claire aboard the Arcadia in the climax to Afterlife, including specific movements and to some extent even the dialogue were derived from the Rematch cutscene from Resident Evil 5.
  • Wesker initially did not appear in scripts for Resident Evil: Extinction, his lines instead being spoken by the Umbrella chairman, Commander Okamoto.[1]
  • In the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter novelization, Wesker's betrayal at the White House is expanded upon, revealing that he had been using Alice to destroy his enemy Dania Cardoza. The novelization also shows that Wesker retains his powers and is in a constant battle for control over them which leaves his cellular structure unstable. When his legs are crushed, the T-virus in Wesker's system leaves him with his blood, resulting in an inability to regenerate or break free. Alicia Marcus also suggests that Wesker's request for her help is so she can get close enough for him to consume her which will possibly give him enough new DNA to regenerate. Wesker's reaction indicates that Alicia's accusation was true.


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