Albert de Blois is the head of the ministry of the occult, father of Victorique, and the main antagonist of the anime Gosick.

Events of the Anime

When Albert was a young man he idolized the alchemist Leviathan. But when he discovered that Leviathan's abilities were all a sham, the alchemist told him that if he wants true power he should mate with a female of extraordinary ability. Taking this to mind, years later he found a woman named Cordelia who belonged to a race of intellectually advanced beings known as the gray wolves. Albert had her kidnapped against her will and raped her producing his daughter Victorique. As expected her intelligence was amazing and Albert had her locked away to use as a secret weapon in the second world war. Years later he had her transferred to an academy where she was forced to stay under the eye of her older half brother Grevil. When Victorique met a young japanese transfer student named Kujou, Victorique began to start to defy her father's command to stay at the academy. When Albert sends her to a convent known as Beelzebub's Skull to lure out Victorique's mother (the only person he knows can stop his plans) he disguises himself as a father going to see his daugter who is a nun at the convent. Albert happens to be in the same part of the train as Kujou and the two have their first meeting there. As Beelzebub's skull is swallowed by the sea Albert finally makes his appearance to Kujou and Victorique. Later Albert forces Victorique to solve the murder of Coco Rose the princess of Sauville. Towards the end of the series Albert kidnaps Kujou and threatens to hurt him unless Victorique helps him achive his goals. Albert reveals the truth about the leader of the ministry of science and manipulates the king of Sauville into doing his bidding. Everything begins to go perfectly for him as he gets the king to involve the country in the war and has Victorique under his control. When he reveals her to a crowd of people it turns out that it is actually Cordelia who had switched places with her daughter. Cordelia sets everything around them on fire and the two have a heated sword fight to the death. Cordelia manages to plunge her blade into Albert's chest killing him and stopping his wicked plans.


  • He bears similarities to Gellert Grindelwald, as both are involved in magic, blonde, and tries/causes a war.
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