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Alberto Albuquerque is one of the main antagonists in the Brazilian telenovela Flor do Caribe. He's Dionísio Alburquerque's grandson and Cassiano's friend, he is in love with his fiancee, Ester. 

He is portrayed by Igor Rickli. 



Alberto was born from Guiomar Alburquerque and an Fernando Alburquerque, and he's also Dionísio and Helga's grandson. At some point. Guiomar abandoned him and put him in boarding school, this made Alberto grow bitter and with a grudge against his mother. After his father died in an fight with his grandpa, Dionísio cared for him for years. Still, in childhood, he met Cassiano Soares and Ester Schneider, and they became great friends. Despite this, Esther and Cassian began to date after Alberto fell in love with her, starting his streak of being jealous of Cassiano. 

Flor do Caribe

Alberto is first seen in the pool of the mansion having fun with water guns, but he gets wet in the mansion, much to the ire of one of his maids. Dionísio call him to talk in the office, Alberto is reprimanded by his grandfather, who says he should care about the family business. Alberto says it's not the best time for this and leaves. Alberto goes on a boat trip with his two friends, Ester Schneider and Cassiano Soares, after it, Alberto goes to Cassiano's house, he is well received by Cassian's mother Olivia and his sister, Taís. Everyone is having lunch when Cassiano's father Chico comes home, he's rude to Alberto. Alberto and Cassiano go to Cassiano's room, where he gives Alberto a t-shirt.  Esther and Cassiano throw engagement party at Albuquerque mansion, Alberto confesses to Dionísio that he is in love with Esther and that he should be the woman of his life. Dionísio says to forget her and take over the family business, Alberto disagrees, he gets passages to the Caribbean so that Esther and Cassian have their honeymoon. When a Guatemalan trader, Dom Rafael needs man for diamond extraction, Alberto has genius plan to get rid of Cassiano. He offers the proposal to his friend and says that's for 6 days, Cassiano accepts. With Cassiano being enslaved by Raphael, Alberto gets closer to Esther and they spend their days together, Ester believes Cassiano died after he was accused of dealing diamonds, she finds out she's pregnant with him, Alberto helps Esther raise Samuca and supports Ester opening an NGO after seeing street children being mistreated by some tourists, and when the boy is 4 years old, they marry.  3 years later, Alberto is now president of Grupo Albuquerque, Esther and he had a daughter, Laurinha. Alberto is playing with Samuca and Laurinha in the pool when Ester comes home happy, they reunited to dinner. After Esther found out who the men stole the girls from the NGO, they're going to jail and Alberto will accompany them. 

After lunch, Alberto goes to the NGO and confronts Esther about the arrest of businessmen, he gets enraged at having lost the dollars they would pay, Ester fights with him and says he got him out of doing business with two scoundrels, Alberto says it's the dirty money that sustains the NGO and the mansion. Ester says that they have nothing more to talk about and that her personality is different from his, Alberto gets upset. Alberto goes to the mansion, he and Esther forgive each other.

They plan to spend the day together, but Doralice brings William to work due to not having found a nanny for the boy, Ester stays to keep Samuca and William company who are going to play together, Alberto says they planned to spend the weekend together, but Ester says she needs to stay to keep the boys company, Alberto goes to work upset. Later that night, after William had suffered prejudice by Dionísio, Quirino to resign for it, Ester and Alberto argue about his grandfather, Ester says she won't be in the house listening to prejudiced and racist speeches, she complains that what he did was unforgivable, Alberto says grandpa's crazy about his age, Ester says he was in perfect mental health, she suggests that Dionísio is admitted to an asylum or hospital, Alberto disagrees, so Ester decides to ignore him.


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Alberto's breakdown