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The Albertosaurus is a major antagonist in the TV series Primeval: New World. He devoured Evan Cross's wife Brooke before the events of the series.

His vocal effects were provided by Ryan Nowak.


Before the Series

In the past, the Albertosaurus came through an Anomaly and encountered Evan Cross and his wife Brooke. He attacked them and devoured Brooke, but Evan survived.

The New World

In this episode, the Albertosaurus appears in flashback.

Fear of Flying

In this episode, the Albertosaurus also appears in flashback.


Evan has hallucination during this episode and sees the Albertosaurus.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

The Albertosaurus reappears in this episode, this time for real. He comes in the present through Anomaly and causes some deaths, but ultimately Evan shoots at him and succeeds to kill him.



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