Albina is one of the main antagonists of the 1970 film "Beneath the Planet of the Apes", along with her fellow mutants and General Ursus, who they oppose. A mutant who lived under the ruins of New York City, Albina believed in the power of the bomb and worshipped along with the other mutants, causing Albina to serve as a threat to the films protagonists.

She was portrayed by Natalie Trundy.


Albina was a high-ranking leader of the mutant community, and possessed the ability to project her thoughts directly into the minds of others. Further, Albina could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them. Albina's projections were always filtered through a haze of blue light, oftentimes overlapping psychic impressions created by her fellow mutants. Although she was more than capable of physically speaking, her evolved persona preferred communication through telepathy.

In 3979, she, along with mutant leaders Caspay, Ongaro, Adiposo and Mendez XXVI interrogated a human refugee named John Brent. They wanted to glean knowledge of the nearby simian community known as Ape City. Utilizing a psychic process known as Traumatic Hypnosis, Albina and the others discovered that a gorilla army led by the ambitious General Ursus planned on invading the underground ruins and exterminating all of the human/mutant citizens. While her fellow inquisitors felt that the apes were merely an aggressive species, Albina harbored a strong prejudice against them, describing them as "hideous creatures".

When Ursus' army invaded the mutant's citadel at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Albina took her own life by drinking from a vial of poison. Ape leader Dr. Zaius and a gorilla sergeant discovered her body in the interrogation chamber. The sergeant was fascinated by her blonde hair, as he had never seen human hair that color.



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