Albinass is one of the antagonists in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. She is one of the Shinei Kidan.


Albinass is easily the coldest and calmest among the Shinei Kidan. She is able to analyse the situation and use the most suitable strategy. It is also implied that she is in love with Hadlar.


Albinass was created by Hadlar using the forbidden spell on several orichalcum chest pieces. Albinass was created from a queen chest piece.

Albinass, together with other Shinei Kidan, were sent to attack the Kingdom of Sababa. They easily defeated the warriors of Sababa. Soon, Nova attacked them and Albinass defeated him with the Thousands Needle Technique, much to Hym's displeasure. Soon, Albinass battled Hyunckel, and the Shinei Kidan were ordered to retreat by Hadlar when they were ambushed by Pop's spell.

They later battled the heroes again at the Field of Death. This battle would be stopped when Hadlar's Black Core exploded. After the Shinei Kidan freed themselves from the debris, they sensed that Hadlar was in danger as he was battling Vearn. However, Sigma, Hym, Albinass and Block were demobilized by Myst-Vearn and Kill-Vearn. Eventually, Block sacrificed himself to save Hadlar and the other Shinei Kidan from Vearn.

Since Hadlar wanted to fight Dai in a one-on-one duel, he sent the Shinei Kidan to delay Dai's friends. Albinass would encounter Marm. Marm tried to reason with Albinass, but failed. Albinass then told Marm that after she killed the heroes, she will please Vearn to save Hadlar. They then battle, and even though Marm used Amudo to encounter Albinass's fireballs attack, Albinass still had the upper hand as Albinass's extreme speed was too much for Marm to follow. However, Marm soon remembered that a queen chest piece's weakness is that it can be easily trapped, so she rose her fist, successfully hitting and wounding Albinass. Marm then defeated Albinass with the Mouko Hasai-Ken, punching out a hole in Albinass's chest. Before dying, Albinass pleased Marm to witness Hadlar's final battle.


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