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And just in time. Criminals running our streets. Illegals threatening our families. The police commissioner himself... assassinated by terrorists. Decisiveness is hard. But here's the best part, once this decision is made, no more will be required of you.
~ Nigel Cass speaking to meeting attendees after killing the police commissioner.

Albion are a major antagonistic organization in Watch Dogs: Legion. They are a private military company charged with public security and law enforcement in London in the wake of the London Terrorist Attacks. It has replaced the Metropolitan Police Service as the head of Law Enforcement in the City of London.


Albion Private Services, colloquially known as Albion, is a British private military company (PMC) based in London. In the wake of the London Zero-Day Terrorist Attacks, it has become the primary agency in charge of law enforcement conducted in London, replacing the MET in it's traditional roles of law enforcement. The company has assumed control over the city's public security and even partial control over its courts of law and deportation system. Albion also displays propaganda posters and billboards at several key areas in the city.

Albion works in cooperation with the SIRS or Signals Intelligence Response Service , which maintains mass surveillance on London citizens, in both their physical and online actives and forwards 'suspicious' behavior to Albion as well as with the Tidis Corporation, which provides Albion with their various combat-related products, such as "autonomous drones and human-targeting algorithms".

Albion also shares various similarities with Umeni, a private security company that contracts with large corporations, primarily seen in Watchdogs 2.

Albion personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and combat drones, which has enabled them to set up multiple checkpoints all over London, and has also helped them to keep tight surveillance on the city and it's people.

Nigel Cass is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Albion as well as major secondary antagonist of Watch Dogs: Legion, along with Mary Kelley, leader of criminal group Clan Kelley and main antagonist Zero-Day, the hacker responsible for the Zero-Day attacks.

The Albion company frequently violate human and civil rights, regularly apprehending and punishing civilians for minor misdemeanors and wrongdoings. Albion has at various times violently suppressed protests and other forms of opposition against their practices and policies, including violently breaking up protests, and arresting journalists who report on their behavior.

It was also revealed that Albion, in collaboration with Clan Kelley, would take illegal immigrants and other deportees from the EPC (European Processing Center) clinic, and hand them over to Clan Kelley, along with other people Albion wanted to disappear, so the Kelley's could continually fuel their black-market human organ farm, as well as use them as slaves for manual labor, such as housekeepers and maids for Mary Kelley's home.

Albion CEO Nigel Cass assisted Sabine Brandt, operating under the pseudonym Zero Day, in installing and detonating hydrogen bombs beneath several prominent sites in London, such the Technology of All Nations (TOAN), conference.

As a result, the British government, spread-headed by the Prime Minister, extended Albion's public security mandate indefinitely, as well as considerably expanded the company's jurisdiction and intervention rights, such as allowing the use of lethal force on Dedsec members, who Zero-Day, in cooperation with Albion and Mary Kelly, framed for the bombings.

Furthermore, Cass planned to introduce a drone program, known as Project THEMIS, in which autonomous, lethally armed drones flying above London would have had the power to execute any civilians for alleged, even potential, criminal behavior. During his unveiling of THEMIS at the Tower of London, Albion's HQ, to members of Albion, as well as British government officials and representatives of TIDIS, the police commissioner accused Cass that THEMIS far exceeded Albion's government mandate. When he threatened to get the Defense Minister on the line, Cass seemed to agree, if he so insisted. When the Police Commissioner turned away from Cass to phone him however, Cass fatally shot him, much to the shock and horror of both the meeting attendees, and the player-chosen Dedsec member who was spying on the meeting.

When Dedsec, with the aid of Albion Defector Hamish, publicly revealed Albion and Cass's role in the Zero-Day bombings, Cass refused to surrender to authorities, telling the GBB that he would rather die than let Albion lose control of the city. Cass sealed himself in the Tower of London, Albion's HQ, along with his most loyal followers, and made his last stand against Dedsec.

After fighting through the few Albion who still stood by Cass, Dedsec entered an elevator deep into the Tower of London, where Cass and what remained of his soldiers made their final stand. Cass revealed his greatest invention yet, a powerful drone he controlled, equipped with powerful shields and heavy cannons. Dedsec fought against Cass's drone, activating EMPs with take down it's shields, as well as battling waves of Albion contractors.

After the drone's shields were destroyed, and the machine was finally taken down, Cass emerged with heavy armor and a machine gun. After a quick firefight, Cass was killed, telling the Dedsec member that their fatal flaw was their faith in people, and that people wouldn't appreciate protection, even if it was for their own good.

After Cass was defeated, and Zero-Day taken down at the end of the game, Albion was seriously weakened. With their checkpoints destroyed, (if the player turned every borough defiant), their leader gone, THEMIS destroyed, and a large number of their soldiers either killed or wounded (depending on if the player went with lethal or non-lethal weaponry when fighting Albion soldiers), Albion was no longer the dominant force in London, at least not to the extent they were before.

In the wake of Cass's death, a new, unnamed CEO took over. In the safehouse, if the player speaks to the operative on the phone in the subway car, they will say a variation of different responses (depending on the character), explaining that the CEO isn't as Cass, as far as genocidal maniacs are concerned. Albion can still be seen around London in patrol cars and performing ID checks, although not in as many numbers as before. As Sabine Brandt (before her reveal as Zero-Day), mentioned, the government would likely find some reason to keep Albion around, which it seems they did.

It is currently unknown if Albion, and to what extent, will appear in future DLC for Watchdogs Legion.



  • Hamish mentions in the campaign that Albion, specifically Nigel Cass, were cited for war crimes after Cass used drones to wipe out a village in Africa that opposed Albion's presence. It is unknown if this is Albion's only international war crime.
  • Given Albion's international reputation, it is odd that the British government would hire them. Most likely, the government was so scared by the bombings, which Sabine mentioned were the worst in recent memory, that they had no choice but to hire them, as they saw them as the best option. Albion also, according to a flashback, aided in the bombings, and were in position to roll in and make a big show of aiding the victims, a PR stunt that certainly boosted them to a potential hiring position.
  • If the player triggers an Albion pursuit early on in the campaign, Albion will send patrol cars with Albion soldiers, specially basic contractors, Albion Overwatch enemies (machine gun users), and Rushers (those with shotguns). As the Albion pursuit grows higher, from three to a max of five, they will send chase drones and riot drones, as well as eventually CT (Counter Terrorism Drones). However, once the player gets further into the campaign, around the halfway point, these will be replaced with Elite Albion contractors, Overwatch units and Rushers. Like in other games, including previous Watchdogs, the pursuers are unlimited and will keep coming until the player escapes line of sight for a period of time (depending on the level of pursuit), or is arrested, injured or killed.
  • The opening GBB news segment after completing the prologue mentions that Albion took down all of the major crime syndicates expect for Clan Kelley, allowing to expand and gain a monopoly on crime in the city. Why they did is unknown for sure, although they more than likely did it because of their mutual agreements with Zero-Day, and their role in the bombings. Cass likely feared that if Mary Kelley was brought before courts, she would reveal Albion's role in the bombings.
  • While Albion does work with Clan Kelley on occasion, such as giving them EPC detainees and other dissidents for their human organ operations, Albion forces will engage Clan Kelley members if they spot them, such as if the player flees into a Clan Kelley base while being pursued by Albion.
  • Documents that can be found in game show that London Met Officers are not happy that Albion has taken over their duties. One transcript of a conversation between two Met officers mentions Albion has moved into many of their police stations. When one of them mentions that Albion is sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, the other agrees, saying that 'they're asking to get it broken'.
  • In the cinematic trailer for Watchdogs Legion, it shows Albion attacking protestors, and riot drones will on occasion mention that gatherings of more than five people is a crime and will be dispersed. However, many protests, such as the large one in Trafalgar Square, frequently gather more than five people, and beside putting some guards to oversee the protests (at the top of the stairs past the protests, in the restricted red areas), they don't seem to intervene at any point.
  • When a borough turns defiant, the people will destroy all checkpoints in the borough. This can make escaping an Albion pursuit much easier for the player, as they don't need to find a way around them. In neighborhoods where Clan Kelley is present, two to three Clan Kelley members can be seen hanging out at the checkpoint.


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