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Albite, also known as Obelisk is the main antagonist of the episode "Serious Steven" of the television series Steven Universe. He fed the temple in the Obelisk that was in the center of the Pyramid Temple.



Not much is known about Albite's past before the series, although thanks to the mural in the pyramid where she is found, it seems that it was a gem of high status, she was at some point sent to earth for unknown reasons (Possibly for fight or to bring Humans to the Zoo as shown in the mural with the hands of some humans asking for help). At some point during the war Albite had a fight with Rose Quartz and her army, she was defeated and placed in the Obelisk in the center of the inverted pyramid, already at the end of the war she allegedly became corrupted and stayed in the temple of the piramid.

Serious Steven

The Crystal Gems find the Obelisk in a room filled with small spinning pyramids. They discover that the gemstone in the Obelisk is powering the mechanism in the temple that trapped them in never-ending rooms. Steven is thrown by Garnet to the Obelisk to remove the gemstone. However, he is not able to remove it until the Obelisk's smiling face turns towards him. The gem flashes yellow before falling to the floor with Steven. After the gem is removed, it glows yellow, the pyramids and the Obelisk retreat into the gemstone, and the temple explodes.



Face 1 of the Obelisk, otherwise known as her "Happy Face".

The Obelisk is a large, upright rectangular prism with pyramids floating off of both ends. The top pyramid appears to have a face on each triangular side. Three of the faces appear to be frowning while the fourth one seems to be smiling. The bottom pyramid is divided into two pieces and has a triangular pattern on it. The Obelisk's body has an abstract pattern on it that resembles a humanoid. The hands are designed to look like they are holding a gemstone that is embedded in the "chest" of the Obelisk. The gemstone is a table cut Albite.

Face 2 of the Obelisk, otherwise known as her "Frowning Face".


Thanks to the designs in the Steven Universe: End of an Era art book, we see the Albite or Obelisk design already uncorrupted. Albite has her head and arms separated from her body but she can keep them anyway, she has spiky hair like White Diamond, her legs are pointed and wide and she has no feet, her face looks a lot like an African or Hindu mask, it has a diamond-shaped gem on its chest and its colors are generally white with grayish, black and muted brown tones.


"Serious Steven"




  • Before the artbook Steven Universe: End of an Era came out, many speculated that the gem on the mural was White Diamond, due to its resemblance to the mural that appeared on the moon base in the chapter "It Could've Been Great".
  • It seems that Albite was a gem of high status and belonged to the White Diamond court due to its color, it also seems that she went to earth on White Diamond's orders to collect humans for the Zoo or to fight in the war.
  • This is clearer when we see the hands of humans asking for help on the mural.
  • They could have also been brought to Earth to help layout traps to stop any rebel gems from advancing.
  • It is implied that she was defeated by Rose Quartz using Hessonite's Prism.
  • Albite appears to be based on African and Hindu culture due to its muted gray, brown, and black colors among other things.
  • Albite's whereabouts are unknown beyond the "Serious Steven" chapter if she was cured of corruption and also if she was redeemed in Age III when Homeworld went with democracy and the Diamonds renounced all their power.
    • And it remains uncertain if she was corrupted, to begin with since she was trapped within the Pyramid.


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