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Albus is the adoptive brother/partner of Shanoa and a supporting antagonist in the videogame Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.


Albus was trained along with Shanoa by their master, Barlowe. They received a mission to retrieve a powerful weapon named Dominus. Albus later finds Shanoa and he gives 2 pieces of the Dominus to her, he later steals the last piece of the Dominus due to its immense dark power, Albus nearly succumbs to Dracula's will and makes a retreat to the Mystery Manor, where a final showndown between him and Shanoa takes place. He is then killed by Shanoa for good. However if Shanoa gets all three Dominus glyphs, he takes form of a spiritual self.  After Shanoa defeats Dracula, he offers himself to Dominus as it is mentioned that it requires the sacrifice of a soul after using it.  He asked Shanoa one last request, to smile for him. After that he passes on to the afterlife.


  • Albus refers himself as Shanoa's big brother.
  • Albus and Barlowe are the only bosses that cannot hurt Shanoa by touch.

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