Albus is a minor antagonist in Octopath Traveler, being the main antagonist of the third chapter in Primrose's story. One of the Obsidians and one of the assassins of Primrose's father, he took control of his land after killing him. 


Ten years before the events of the game, Albus was the captain of Noblecourt and Geoffrey Azelhart's right-hand man. However, Albus was also in league with the Obsidians and, upon discovering that Geoffrey possessed knowledge about the Gate of Finis, where the Fallen God Galdera was imprisoned, he sold him out to his Obsidian companions. Then, Albus, Rufus and Simeon killed Geoffrey in his house. Albus then took over Noblecourt as its mysterious ruler after faking his own death at the hands of the Obsidians while defending Geoffrey.

During the events of the game, a now-adult Primrose came back to Noblecourt after killing Rufus. Once there, she managed to get into her old home with the help of a former subordinate of her father. Together, they found Albus and, after a battle between him and Primrose, Albus meets his end.


Albus is a middle-aged man with short, black hair and a moustache, and a patch covering his left eye. He has a crow tattoo on his right hand.

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