Things got hot. You look a little hot, you can take off that jacket. Our people don't like to be hot
~ Alcazar

Alcazar was a minor antagonist from Futurama. He was a male alien grasshopper who can change shape, was engaged to "five weirdos" at the same time, and tricked them into believing he was the ruler of Cyclopia.


While everyone was exploring the Internet, Leela encountered an extraterrestrial who, like herself, had only one eye. Before she could know who he was, Fry managed to destroy him (they were playing a kind of shoot-'em-up game), but the cyclops found out who she was.

The cyclops, called Alcazar, sends Leela a video mail in which he tells him where to find him: on the planet Cyclopia. After discovering that Leela was the only one of her species, he morphed into a cyclops and told her they were the only ones left. At first, Alcazar treated Leela well, actually being sweet to her and eventually sleeping with her. However, the next morning, his demeanor changed in an instant. He abruptly began treating her like his servant, ordering her around and making her do menial tasks, all while making her dress up like Peggy Bundy from Married with Children and having her call him "Al" (an allusion to Leela's voice actress, Katey Segal, having played Peggy Bundy, who was married to her husband, Al).

In the end, Leela would have gotten married to Alcazar if Fry and Bender hadn't revealed that he was planning to marry four other women, who would later take revenge on their groom by giving him a savage beating, after which he returned to his real form.

He later attended the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star in 3009 from the movie "Into the Wild Green Yonder".


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