Alden Bitterroot is the witch-paranoid ancestor of Denzel Crocker. During the year 1665, when Dimmsdale wasn't given a name, it was nearly named "Bitterburg", after him.



Alden Bitterroot is interpreted to be a muscular hero in the twenty first century by A.J., but in reality he looked and acted exactly like Mr. Crocker: hunched back, ears on neck, and ranting about mystical beings (in Alden's case, witches instead of fairies), only unlike his 21st century counterpart, the townspeople actually believed Alden. He made large amounts of money scamming the town into thinking he was really hunting witches, and coerced people into buying his worthless products because if they didn't, "They're a witch!". The townspeople loved him so much that they wanted to name the town "Bitterburg" after him.

When Timmy Turner traveled back in time, Alden accused him of being a witch, before Timmy revealed that Bitterroot himself was a witch. Alden began to attack Timmy and the townspeople, confident that no one would have the courage to stop him, until he flew right into Dale Dimm's foot and was thrown down a well by Dale who went onto become the namesake of Dimmsdale. Possibly because of his witch powers, Alden Bitterroot was able to live for hundreds of years, but in the present during the Founder's Day Parade, he finally reaches the top of the well after centuries of climbing, only to fall back in when Mr. Turner threw a sandwich in there that hit him.


Alden speaks and acts exactly like Denzel Crocker, only he is paranoid about witches instead of fairies. Although he usually screams the word "witch" in a similar manner to "fairy god parents", he does not go through the same spasms that Mr. Crocker goes through.


Because of his appearance, it is easy to assume that Alden Bitterroot is an ancestor of Denzel Crocker. It is unknown if this is a direct ancestry, as Alden Bitterroot spent over 300 years in a well and its not revealed whether he had any children.

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