Ah, why not? You'll soon be dead any-
~ Alden's last words

Alden Reginald Greene (1954 - 2015) was the CEO of Greene Holdings, along with. He was first seen in Blood on the Trading Floor (Case #12 of Criminal Case). He was known for suspicion in five murders but revealed to have been the murderer of both journalist Rachel Priest and CEO of Meteor Systems Karen Knight.


Alden Greene was a businessman with a bald head but a very bushy mustache and beard. He had brown eyes and was most commonly seen with a brown cigar sticking out of his mouth. He wore a blue shirt with many white stripes. He wore a gray tie with silver circular designs of globes, the logo of his company (Greene Holdings). There was a gold clip on his tie. He wore suspenders which went around his shoulders and connected to his trousers. He is shot by Frank Knight before revealing his plans.


Murder of Rachel Priest

When Alden was arrested, he explained to the team that Rachel had come to the secret lab where he and James were. Rachel told them that she knew about the illegal super serum, and she swore that she would expose their secret plan. General Marsh told Alden to kill Rachel, and Alden complied by taking a syringe and injected the super serum into Rachel. Since the serum was only made for men, Rachel's skin tore apart due to excessive bone growth, resulting in her death. Afterward, Alden and James placed Rachel's corpse in a vat of acid in order to conceal the truth from Grimsborough Authorities. 

Alden was revealed to be a member of the notorious society known as The Crimson Order. As Jones and the player were about to arrest Alden for his involvement with the Order, he suddenly spilled out that it was the Crimson Order which made Alden kill Rachel, but that claim was later countered by Judge Hall in court as it was declared a willful murder. Rachel might have discovered some secrets of the Order besides finding out about the horrid serum which led Alden to kill Rachel.

Murder of Karen Knight

Alden's motive for killing Karen is never fully revealed, he states that Karen had no vision for the future due to her discomfort towards the virtual reality. This may suggest Alden killed Karen as she was not compatible for the company, but no one will ever truly know as he was shot dead by Frank.

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