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Aldo Trapani is the main protagonist and player character in the 2006 video game The Godfather, an adaption of the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie Mario Puzo's The Godfather. He is a mobster in the Corleone Family who aids in their takeover of New York City and New Jersey during the war with the Commission, whilst rising in the ranks from mobster to don. He appears a a minor non-playable character in the sequel game The Godfather II, in which his protagonist role is replaced by his brother Dominic.

He is voiced by Andrew Pifko in the first game and Rick Pasqualone (best known as Vito Scaletta in the Mafia franchise) in the sequel.


When he is a child Aldo witnesses his father being murdered on the orders of mob boss Emilio Barzini. Vito Corleone, the boss of his father and a close friend, tells a young Aldo that he will one day get his revenge.

Nine years later, Aldo is now a young man and becomes involved in the Corleone crime family after being saved from thugs by Vito's henchman Luca Brasi. Luca takes Aldo under his wing and goes over details of life working for the mob, and teaches Aldo how to fight, to extort businesses to pay protection to the family, and to also use a gun. Aldo takes Luca for a meeting with Virgil Sollozzo and Bruno Tattaglia on the orders of Don Corleone, although Aldo witnesses from a window Luca being garroted by the men. Although unable to kill either Sollozzo or Bruno at the time, he does manage to kill Luca's assassin and escapes the police.

The following day Aldo meets Corleone associate Marty "Monk" Malone at a barber shop to inform him about Luca's death. At that moment Don Corleone is gunned down by mobsters across the street, with Monk being killed during the shootout. Aldo rescues Monk's sister Frankie during the shootout as she is held hostage by a mobster. Aldo and Vito's son Fredo escort Vito's ambulance safely to the hospital and Aldo fights off any mobsters that try to make an attempt on his life.

Later that night, Aldo is sent to protect Vito at the hospital and finds it empty. He flirts with Frankie, who has arrived to see her brother. Moments later, however, they are ambushed by an assassin, whom Aldo kills. Vito's son Michael Corleone arrives and Aldo holds off any further assassins whilst Michael gets his father moved to another room. After helping Frankie escape to safety, Aldo and Michael regroup and head outside, where they are attacked by Captain Mark McCluskey, who breaks Michael's jaw. Thankfully Tom Hagen arrives with men to help protect Vito, and threatens McCluskey, who is in Sollozzo's pocket, with legal action unless he backs away.

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  • In the first game Aldo's name can be modified when the player creates a new game, although it is canonically revealed to be Aldo Trapani in the sequel.
  • A newspaper clipping in the first game gives Aldo's nickname as "The Player".


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