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Dragons are the pinnacle of all living things! It is by nature...the thought of conversing with humans is absurd!

Aldoron is a major antagonist in the manga series Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. He is one of the Five Dragon Gods that dwells within the continent known as Guiltina, after his battle against Acnologia, in which he serves as the elemental Wood Dragon God.

During his time in Guiltina, Aldoron formed the God Seeds as a means to protect his main body while also sealing them away within five orbs, in order to suppress his power. Eventually, he entered into a deep state of slumber and, as time went on, he allowed humans to live on top of his body, developing the city known as Draseal across various parts on him. Though he appeared to be harmless and benevolent, he was in truth using the citizens dwelling on his body as a means to restore his power back to its full potential and heal him of the wounds Acnologia inflicted on him.


Aldoron was the biggest of the Five Dragon Gods and the biggest dragon in the world. His body was covered in scales of tree bark, with trees and other wood-like features adorning his massive body. His face was mainly a large plank with small slits as his eyes and mouth similar to a simple wooden mask, with a pair of treelike horns protruding from his head. Originally, Aldoron was not as big as he was at the time he was encountered by Fairy Tail currently but his body was still large enough to bear a single town 400 years ago. His shoulders, both hands, and back all had cities of Draseal upon them. When awakened, his wooden horns blazed with flames.

In his God Seed form, Aldoron had a humanoid appearance, resembling an armored man made of wood with bare feet, a cape made of a large leaf, a crown of branches atop his head, and huge horns. His face resembled a a mask and was inhuman in nature, though capable of expressing noticeable and readable emotions.


Aldoron was evil and ruthless, seeing humans as little more than nutrients to sustain himself. He saw the idea of conversing with such "lesser beings" as repugnant. He was also very violent when awoken, as he destroyed the entire fleet of Guiltina's Magic Council ships that tried to stop his rampage. Aldoron was also manipulative and deceitful as he allowed people to rest on his back for 300 years, tricking them into thinking he was their divine protector, when in truth he was slowly absorbing their energy to restore himself after his battle with Acnologia. He had roughly killed more than 300,000 people when he awoken after his God Seeds were unleashed and the people turned into trees while he fed on them, making him a mass murderer.

Aldoron believed dragons were the pinnacle of life in Earth-Land, and viewed his race as the apex beings in the world. Aldoron also looked down upon Igneel, as he saw the fire dragon king's love for humanity and especially Natsu as nonsense, but his reactions later turned to shock and awe at how Natsu, someone he viewed as an inferior human, could summon the flames of his dragon father, and fellow fire dragons Atlas Flame and Ignia to defeat him. His feelings in his last moments were surprise, as he had gravely underestimated Natsu's burning will and strength of body and heart.


Aldoron existed as far back as the Dragon King Festival and, like the other Five Dragon Gods, fled to Guiltina in fear of Acnologia. Aldoron decided to rest in Guiltina after he was injured in an encounter and subsequent battle with Acnologia. Since then he had been resting, storing power from absorbing the nutrients of the citizens of Draseal, the series of cities on his back, knowing that once he would awaken again it would be to crush and claim the continent of Guiltina as his own.

Later, Faris, a girl from the parallel world of Elentir masquerading as the the White Wizard and leader of the cult Rebellious, who was trying to take away Aldoron's power in order to save her world, utilized Fairy Tail in her quest to kill Aldoron. Simultaneously, the Fairy Tail Team consisting of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marvell, Carla and Happy travelled to Draseal to seal away Aldoron's power as part of the 100 Years quest given to them by Elefseria to seal away the power of all five Dragon Gods in Guiltina.

Having previously sealed away the power of Mercphobia, Natsu's team was told to head to Draseal by the depowered Water God Dragon. Upon arriving, they were astounded to discover that Aldoron bore all five sections of Draseal on his back, hands and shoulders, and were rendered speechless, unsure of how to fight such a massive opponent. At this point, the Faris the White Wizard arrived with the rest of Fairy Tail under her spell, leading to a fight between Natsu's team and the rest of the Guild when she tried to destroy the five orbs containing the guardians and Aldoron's power. The all-Dragon Slayer guild Diabolos was drawn into the battle as well, leading to a three-way battle for Aldoron's power. Diabolos was forced to retreat, overwhelmed by the sheer power of Fairy Tail's strength. However, between the three factions, all five orbs were destroyed, unleashing Aldoron from his slumber and causing the city's people to turn into plants to heal the dragon.

Aldoron's god seeds awoke, and began fighting against Fairy Tail, as Faris had lost her power due to Aldoron's awakening and the intervention of Moon God Dragon Selene from her lair. Though Guiltina's Magic Council tried to stop Aldoron using a fleet of heavily armed airships, the armada was easily destroyed. Ignia watched from his lair, stating that nothing Guiltina's Magic Council possessed was capable of slaying Aldoron. Wolfen was destroyed by Natsu when he tricked Wolfen into transforming into his brother, Zeref Dragneel, activating the Curse of Ankhselam, while Metro was destroyed by Gray working with Juvia, his love interest and fellow Fairy Tail Member. Gears was destroyed by Erza's love interest, Jellal Fernandez of Crime Sorciere, while Doom was destroyed by Fairy Tail members Max, Reedus, Nab, Laki, Vijeeter and Kinana using an enchantment from Wendy to overwhelm the God Seed when Doom tried to kill Carla. Aldoron's God Seed form subsequently faced off against Natsu himself as Fairy Tail evacuated Draseal. Fairy Tail member Gajeel Redfox, the guild's Iron Dragon Slayer, was enlarged by fellow wizard Brandish μ to fight Aldoron's main body. However, both Natsu and Gajeel were injured by Aldoron's thorn attack and Gajeel shrank back to normal size when Brandish's spell wore off. Natsu however, shrugged off his injuries and called upon the flames of his father Igneel, as well as his dragon uncle Atlas Flame and his brother Ignia to defeat Aldoron's God Seed form after Aldoron openly confessed to viewing people as food and lesser beings. Astonished that a mere human could destroy him, Aldoron's God Seed form burned away, causing his massive body to begin crumbling apart. As his God Seed form was destroyed, Aldoron's final question was to ask Natsu if he would burn the world with the great power he possessed, with Natsu saying that the world would only burn if the world made Fairy Tail its enemy.

Aldoron's body terraformed into a forest after he was slain and his power was sealed away. Ignia was proud and impressed that Natsu was strong enough to defeat Aldoron, saying that the Dragon Slayer should keep on burning until nothing was left in the world to burn, while Selene decided to make it her turn to try and take over the world.

Powers and Abilities

Aldoron, as one of the Five Dragon Gods, possessed unimaginable magical power, as he was able to survive a fight with Acnologia himself, though he was defeated and nearly killed. Eventually, he became so powerful that the Wood Dragon Good could not control it without God Seeds to help him. When used by his God Seed Form, Aldoron was able to completely overwhelm the extremely powerful Natsu Dragneel by just releasing his magic power, causing him to bleed and physically hurt without even having to move. Likewise, Every time one of these God Seeds was killed, Aldoron would lose access to the magic these God Seeds possessed, weakening him significantly.


Aldoron's display of his Wood Dragon Slayer Magic.

  • Wood Dragon Slayer Magic: Aldoron utilized Wood Dragon Slayer Magic, which allowed him to use wood and forest-related elemental attacks. However, he was never seen using a breath weapon attack like other dragons seen in Earth-Land.
    • Thicket of Arms: Aldoron utilized this attack to conjure thorns that would impale, maim, or kill his opponents. His God Seed form utilized this attack against Natsu Dragneel and his dragon form used the attack to fight Gajeel Redfox. However, Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic allowed him to burn through Aldoron's attacks.
    • Ergokinesis: Aldoron's God Seed form could issue magical energy beams from his hands as an attack. He used this in battle against Natsu Dragneel, but Natsu was able to avoid this and strike the blows needed to kill the Wood God Dragon.
    • Life Absorption: Aldoron gains power by absorbing humans as nutrients. In this way, he turned three hundred thousand people into plants when he awoke, killing them and assimilating them into his body.
    • God Seed Creation: Aldoron created five deities called the God Seeds to help him control his power. Each God Seed held a portion of his power and gained access to various aspects of his magic, such as his ability to read minds, create deadly spores to kill enemies, and more. Aldoron's God Seed form had access to the great majority of his dragon body's powers and strength, simultaneously serving as his dragon form's brain and mind. In this way, he was two people at once and simultaneously one single entity.
  • Telepathy: Aldoron could read the minds of his foes. This power was utilized by his God Seed Wolfen to analyze his foes and use the magic of the strongest person they knew against them. However, this spell could backfire, as Natsu used it to first transform Wolfen into a duplicate of Happy, who was very weak in power, and then into Zeref, who was subject to the Curse of Ankhselam.


  • Immense Strength: Aldoron was immensely strong physically as a dragon, being able to easily smash massive areas with a single hand. His God Seed Form was likewise able to easily match and overpower and injure Natsu in physical strength despite being weakened by the destruction of the God Seeds.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Aldoron's God Seed Form was a master of fighting at close quarters, as he was able to both dominate and go toe-to-toe with Natsu in their battle, even mocking him for believing he can defeat him in hand-to-hand combat, despite having been weakened from his God Seeds being killed. It ultimately takes Natsu using the full power of his Dragon Force to gain the upper hand and kill the Wood Dragon God in the brutal duel, with Aldoron's God Seed Form still managing to inflict considerable damage on the Dragon Slayer.


  • Aldoron is the second of the Five Dragon Gods to be defeated.
  • Aldoron counts as the fourth dragon defeated (third to be killed) by Natsu Dragneel after Animus, Acnologia and Mercphobia, respectively.
  • Aldoron is one of only a few dragons known to have survived a direct battle with Acnologia.


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