Aldrin Pesky is Maggie's older 16-year-old brother and the secondary antagonist and anti-hero of Disney's The Buzz On Maggie. It appears that he is well-liked at school and is possibly dating Dawn Swatworthy, one of Maggie's enemies.

He was voiced by David Kaufman.


Aldrin works part-time at a local fast food restaurant called Buzz Burger


As the star jock in many sports, but mostly in football, he sometimes becomes vain and selfish. But as he points out to Maggie, he has practiced long and hard to earn this fame, while she is always cutting corners on the road to success. Of his siblings he seems to tolerate Bella the most and was visibly upset when she went missing, showing she has a soft spot for Bella. Like Maggie, Aldrin is selfish and only thinks about himself and what he wants but not like her, he cares about his family and friends.

It is revealed in "Rottingmuck Ranch" that his uncle views him as his least favorite child, and that he has consistently been ignored in favor of his younger, cuter siblings during family vacations there (first Maggie, then Pupert is given the "favorite hat" to signify their status above him) probably explaining his bullying personality. He never even fights this until Maggie starts receiving the same treatment and he helps her rebel. Even then, Maggie takes all the credit for their scheme in order to shove him back into the background.


  • His name is a reference to Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut.
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