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So much trouble to my master, so much trouble.
~ Aleera, servant of Count Dracula.

Aleera is one of Dracula's brides in Van Helsing. She is the secondary villain of the film.


She attacks the village at Transylvania with the other brides. She went after Anna and cornered her and threw her out of the cottage and chased after her again. She and another bride, Verona, subdued Anna and Aleera pleed for first bite, but Verona warded her off so she could eat. Then Marishka was killed by Van Hlesing, and the two brides fled.

The later mourned Marishka's death at Dracula's castle and were hurt when Dracula told them he would get a new bride, asking how little he thought of them. They continued to serve him out of fear nonetheless.

When the baby vampires attacked the village, Aleera and Verona watched the scene in glee, but shrieked in horror when they started to explode before leaving the scene. They mourned their death just like Marishka's.

She then attacked Van Helsing's carriage to get Frankenstein's monster with Verona, but Verona was killed by stakes. In the morning, she kidnapped Anna. She then confronted Van Helsing and told them that her master (Dracula) commanded a trade: the monster for Anna. When Van Helsing refused, Aleera flew away.

After Van Helsing attacked Dracula's castle, she fought Anna. Before she could kill her, Frankenstein's monster attacked her, giving Anna time to escape. But Aleera chased Anna and eventually cornered her. She taunted Anna, telling her that her blood would keep her beautiful. Suddeny, Carl throws Anne a stake and she uses it to impale Aleera, much to her surprise. Aleera then procides the shriek before her body exploded.


  • Aleera says that she knows what lurks in Anna's lasting heart, to which the latter replies "I hope you have a heart Aleera, because one day Im going to drive a stake through it!" This is somehow funny, because Anna kills Aleera by driving a stake into her, and she explodes.
  • Aleera appears to be able to Split her jaw into three mandibles. It is unknown if this is a trait in all vampires, or if Aleera possessed this ability alone. She can also see in the dark and can see a humans beating heart and flowing blood. It can be assumed that all Vampires carry this trait.
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