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"Anna, my love, it is your blood that shall keep me beautiful. What do you think of that?"

-Aleera's last words

Aleera is one ofTemplate:Infobox Dracula's brides in the 2004 film Van Helsing.


She attacks the village at Transsylvania with the other brides. She is about to kill Anna when she senses Marishka's death, and flees.

She then attacked Van Helsing's carriage to get Frankenstein's monster with Verona, but Verona was killed by stakes. In the morning, she kidnapped Anna. She then confronted Van Helsing and told them that her master (Dracula) commanded a trade: the monster for Anna. When Van Helsing refused, Aleera flew away.

After Van Helsing attacked Dracula's castle, she fought Anna. Before she could kill her, Frankenstein's monster attacked her, giving Anna time to escape. But Aleera chased Anna and eventually cornered her. She taunted Anna, telling her that her blood would keep her beautiful. Suddeny, Carl throws Anne a stake and she uses it to impale Aleera, much to her surprise. Aleera then procides the shriek before her body exploded.

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