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Watch out, Total Drama nerds, the new guy is going all the way to the top.
~ Alejandro vowing to win the prize in his first confessional, foreshadowing his true nature.
Losing Sierra to Heather? Eh, tragic. But I still have the upper hand. The President of Cody's fan club doesn't know a thing about me. No one does. And I intend to keep it that way. Because compared to me, Heather's a saint.
~ Alejandro in the confessional.
Last thing I remember I was burned to a crisp by the volcano, and Chris sealed me up in that robot suit to heal. It feels good to be free after all this time, I must thank Scott for his cowardice!
~ Alejandro in the confessional elaborating the last thing he remembered.

Alejandro Burromuerto better known as Alejandro, or sometimes short simply known as Al, is a major character and a supporting antagonist of the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama, serving as the final antagonist of Total Drama Action, the main antagonist of Total Drama World Tour, a cameo character in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but in Total Drama All-Stars, he displays a much softer side, while appearing as a major character of the season.

He is a charming and persuasive young man who joins Total Drama, bent on winning the million dollars prize like every contestant. He gets into the show after working for Chris McLean. However, despite posing as a friendly competitor, Alejandro proves to be one of the show's most ruthless contestants, manipulating most of his fellow contestants (mostly the girls) to get further into the competition, which puts him at odds with Heather, the show's most prominent antagonist.

In Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, he was voiced by Marco Grazzini, who also played Tar Pit in The Flash. While on the Drama Machine, he was voiced by Keith Oliver. In Total Drama All-Stars, he was voiced by Alex House, who also played his older brother José.


Alejandro is shown to be a cunning and manipulative individual who uses his looks as shown throughout Total Drama: World Tour when he flirts with the female contestants just to later have them eliminated once they have served his cause enough. He even throwed leshawna out of the plane after manipulating her.

For most of World Tour, he presented himself as a respectful, charming, polite, and friendly gentleman in order to hide his true self , because underneath he is dark and twisted. Alejandro hates being called Al when he was bullied by his older, smarter, better looking brother, Jose. Because of this, he ends up harboring a huge dislike towards Owen who calls him Al many times throughout the season , causing Alejandro to manipulate everyone into voting him out. He revealed that his life was ruined because Jose has been better than him at everything such as academics, sports and even personal grooming. After defeating Jose, he seems to get used to being called Al by Chris and Mal in Total Drama All-Stars.

In Total Drama All-Stars, his better side is seen, and Alejandro’s antagonistic role is shrunk a large amount. Although he still tries to manipulate people in the early episodes of the season , his kinder and more sympathetic side is exposed , as he tried to save cameron’s life and tried to warn everyone about Mal , he didn’t generally try to hurt people deeply during this season. Despite of wanting to fight his brother, Jose, Alejandro follows his family's moral code when only doing body hits and agreeing to not hit anyone at the face.



  • Mr. Burromuerto (father)
  • Mrs Burromuerto (mother)
  • José Burromuerto (older brother)
  • Carlos Burromuerto (older brother)




I believe he meant the goat.
~ Alejandro to Tyler that Chris is preferring the goat as goatface.
Well, hello, handsome creature. May I scratch your ears or get you a tasty cookie?
~ Alejandro charming Ting-Ting the Panda.
Thanks, Ting Ting. That's a great idea.
~ Alejandro when Ting Ting assisting him in the mega pinball challenge.
Uh... How long until he realize it's a dingo? (Duncan: Three, Two...) (Owen attacked by a dingo) (Laughing) Ah, classic.
~ Alejandro seeing Owen attacked by the Dingo
I only let Heather beat me to give her a false sense of confidence. But how will I explain to those at home that I tied with that pathetic Cody? Oh, my brother José will be compiling his insults already.
~ Alejandro's confessional about his family of being tied with Cody.
Prepare to be defeated, my tiny friend.
~ Alejandro when clashing with Cody in the Traditional Hawaiian Fire Dance of Death
José always has to win! Always! He lives to make me miserable! He punches me in the arm and calls me Al just because I hate it!
~ Alejandro revealing his tragedy of being bullied by his brother, José
I was stuck in that robot suit for a year! My legs are so asleep. It's like they're in a coma. Wakey Wakey! Nothing.
~ Alejandro confession when he cannot move his legs.
I never find Heather to be more radiant. Her glossy locks, her permer frown, the way her hair on her upper lip catches the light when she yells at me... Keep in mind, I was trapped in that robot suit for a year.
~ Alejandro talking about Heather.
It took all I had to hold that in that scream while no-one was looking.
~ Alejandro
Cha cha cha. Surprise.
~ Alejandro revealing that his legs are fine.
Heather and Jo are lower Gwen into an alliance and I attend to beat them to it. Then I'll be the one that Heather needs Ha, Ha. And Jo. Heather AND Jo.
~ Alejandro trying be in an alliance with Heather and Jo when they're just about to lose.
I've got diplomatic immunity!
~ Alejandro revealing to Heather he stole the McLean-Brand Chris Head.
Last night, I dreamt about my older, smarter, better-looking brother, José. (groans) He always calls me Al and I hate it. More than mutant fire beetles and conditioners that don't detangle.
~ Alejandro's confession about José.
There's only one person I rather fight less than Heather. And that person is... (Gasp) No! It can't be! [Jose appears] (Courtney and Gwen gasp) Jose!
~ Alejandro when going against Jose.
I knew my dream was a sign! My whole life, José is always been better than me at everything! Academics, sports and yes even personal grooming. Well, not this time.
~ Alejandro in his confession talking about José.
It is the family code. Not the face.
~ Alejandro revealing why he and Jose cannot hit each other in the face.
Heather, I know your watching. Call me.
~ Alejandro wishing Heather to call him.
Hmmm... Interesting... I never mentioned that Cameron was hanging.
~ Alejandro never mentioning that that Cameron was hanging.
Chris is lucky that I had a bigger problem to deal with, Mal. Good thing I have a footage of him hidden a DVD full incriminating footage in the hotel, when the time is right,... Bam! I'll expose that phoney for my name is Alejandro Burromuertos (Chris McLean: (laughs) Tell 'em what your last name means.) It's a very respective name where I come from. Very respective.
~ Alejandro revealing his true plan to expose Mal to everyone and that his last name is really respective.


  • Alejandro was the third main villain of the Total Drama series, the others being Heather, Courtney, Scott, Mal, Scarlett, Jacques and Josee, (not counting Chris McLean, who is the show’s host and not a competitor).
  • Alejandro, along with Jo and Don, is the only character to be voiced by a staff writer for Total Drama at one point. In his case, he was voiced by Keith Oliver, upon being placed in the Drama Machine, after the events of "Hawaiian Punch”.
  • He is voiced by Marco Grazzini in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour and was voiced by Alex House in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • As well as playing the two major antagonist roles in World Tour and All Stars, Alejandro also appeared as the false antagonist in Total Drama: Action Reunion Special and a minor character in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (while still in his robot suit).
  • Beth, Eva, Jo, Sierra, and Zoey are the only girls not attracted to Alejandro, likely because they are either aware of his true nature or just not interested in him.
    • Beth never interacted with Alejandro, although she was fully aware of his true nature.
    • Eva never interacted with Alejandro, although she was fully aware of his true nature.
    • Jo and Alejandro were teammates in All-Stars as the Villainous Vultures. The two won the challenge in Episode 1. However, Jo confronted Alejandro about his legs in Episode 2. Finally, Alejandro knew that Jo was having a rivalry with Heather while trying to lure Gwen into an alliance. He beats her to it and later votes her off due to her selfish attitude.
    • Sierra was one of the two characters, along with Alejandro, to be introduced to Total Drama in the third season, World Tour. Throughout the season, Alejandro and Sierra were teammates until Sierra switched teams, much to Alejandro's disappointment. While Sierra questioned Alejandro's appearance, Alejandro would manipulate Sierra into voting off Owen. In the final four (twice), Sierra voted for Alejandro due to discovering his true nature. However, she would cause Chris's plane to explode, which causes her elimination through disqualification instead. The two became contestants and were placed on separate teams during Total Drama All-Stars, but they never interacted on that point of view, although Alejandro yet again outranked Sierra when he and his team chose to eliminate her in Episode 7.
    • Zoey knows about Alejandro's true nature due to his past in World Tour. In Episodes 9 and 10, Zoey accused Alejandro of leaving Cameron in the mine while he attempted to warn her about Mal. Nevertheless, Zoey never believed or even questioned him about this and voted him off for his actions. However, Zoey would later see Alejandro's attempts to redeem himself when she finally learned the truth about Mal. Also, it was unknown if Zoey apologized to him or not, though the writers of the show have claimed that she did so off-screen after the season was over, and he did forgive her.
  • Alejandro surprisingly shares many similarities with Scott:
    • Both competed in two seasons and made it to the merge in both on top of being in the final three twice.
    • Both were the main antagonists of the first season they competed in and they both became much less evil in their second season.
    • Both were injured so badly in their debut season.
    • Both were put in robot suits.
    • Both were placed on the Villainous Vultures in their second season.
    • Both were the contestants to find and successfully use the McLean-Brand Chris Head Invincibility Statue.
    • Both have had romantic interactions with Courtney.
      • Both have kissed Courtney.
    • Both were the only two contestants to be exiled twice in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Both of them are saboteurs (though instead of sabotaging his own team, Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, Alejandro sabotaged Team Victory until it was completely annihilated). Because of this, they both became among the most despised contestants of the series (although Scott's main rivals remained mostly indifferent to him during All-Stars). Because of this, both of them tried to be team players during All-Stars.
    • Both became aware of Mal's existence and barely managed to warn Zoey about the threat before being sabotaged and eliminated. Although at one point, Alejandro found out first and attempted to warn Scott about the threat, too, but to no avail, while Scott warned Zoey after she was actually already on to Mal. Plus, Scott thought that Mal was actually Mike.
  • His last name in World Tour, Burromuerto, is Spanish for "dead donkey". His All-Stars last name, Burrosmuertos, is essentially the plural form of the translation: "dead donkeys."
  • Alejandro is arguably the most successful antagonist in the franchise, but he is still a failure on some occasions. Not only is he the official winner of World Tour, but he also is the only antagonist aside from Heather to retain a romantic relationship with their love interest. However, he did not really win World Tour since the prize money was destroyed and he ended up heavily injured, resulting in him ending up in a robot for two years and his efforts in the season add up to nothing.


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