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Aleksander Bremovych is the main antagonist of the 2017 American action spy thriller film Atomic Blonde.

He is a high-ranking Russian operative in Germany in 1989, before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

He was portrayed by Roland Møller, who also portrayed Kores Botha in Skyscraper.


James Gascoigne is an MI6 spy who is the keeper of a microfilm that contains a list made by a Stasi defector known as Spyglass of every intelligence agent (on both sides) active in Berlin, this list is hidden inside a wristwatch and was stolen when rogue KGB agent Yuri Bakhtin killed Gascoigne.

Lorraine Broughton another field agent is dispatched to Berlin to recover the List and assassinate a man known as Conrad Satchel, a double agent who betrayed Gascoigne and has been selling intelligence to the Soviets for years, in Berlin Lorraine is supposed to meet with her contact in Berlin, David Percival but is attacked by Bremovych men, however Lorraine manages to defeat them and meet up with Percival.

Bremovych is first seen interrogating people about the List, he forces one of them to dance to 99 Luftballons before brutally beating him to death with a skateboard, then his men inform him that the list was stolen and he orders them to find it. Then Lorraine meets Aleksander face to face by chance in a local nightclub where she also meets Delphine Lasalle, an undercover French agent and enters in a romantic relationship with her.

After many events during the film where Spyglass dies, Percival betrays Lorraine (as he had meetings with Bremovych) and kills Delphine, Lorraine finds evidence of Percival meetings with Bremovych and she kills Percival, Lorraine returns to the MI6 and is interrogated by MI6 executive Eric Gray and CIA agent Emmett Kurzfeld about her mission, Lorraine presents photographs as well as spliced audio recordings painting Percival as the double agent Satchel, and denies knowing the List's current whereabouts, forcing the agency to close the case.

3 days later, she meets with Bremovych in Paris, revealing herself to be Satchel. Lorraine gives him a fake List, but Bremovych admits he knows she set him up as Percival told him who she really was. Lorraine kills his henchmen, and during the shootout, Bremovych discovers the List is fake and is shot in the neck by Lorraine, as Bremovych dies, Lorraine reveals she was manipulating events from the very beginning and then she finally kills him with a headshot. Later in Paris she meets with Kurzfeld, revealing herself to be an American triple agent planted by the CIA, before returning with him and the List to Langley.

Bremovych's death.

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