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Aleksandr Borovsky is the secondary antagonist and arguably the biggest threat to be tackled in the 2014 movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. He is the son of the primary antagonist Viktor Cherevin.

He was portrayed by Alec Utgoff.


Being separated from his real father, Viktor Cherevin, he is placed in the United States as a sleeper agent under a foster family. When he starts his mission to destroy New York City, he kills an FBI agent tracking him then drives to New York in disguise of a NYPD van. Ryan quickly notices this, then gives chase to the van on a motorcycle leading to the sewers. At the sewers, Ryan fights Aleksandr but finds himself being unable to disable the bomb, so Ryan drives the van into the East River of New York City and jumps out of the van, but Aleksandr fails to jump out of the van as the van crashes into the river and explodes with the bomb in it, killing Aleksandr and preventing the attack on Wall Street. Aleksandr's death ends up becoming Cherevin's downfall, as shortly after Aleksandr's death, Cherevin is called for a meeting, and aware that he will be killed, he is then shot at the meeting point.